Paris Fashion Week: Male Models Let It All Hang Out On The Runway

Paris Fashion Week always brings something grand to the table by taking fashion to the next level, but is the new “in thing” for men this year showing of their nether-regions?

It looks like designer Rick Owens went balls to the walls with his new fashion line for 2015-2016 fall/winter menswear collection — quite literally. According to Us Weekly, as male models strut their stuff down the runway, viewers got a show they weren’t exactly expecting.

As the male models made their way down the runways for Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, January 22, Rick Owens blew many away with his menswear collection, which featured loose-fitting tunics that had a very strategically placed opening. The “balls to the walls” expression is making more sense now, isn’t it?

That’s right — Rick Owens’ tunics featured openings that just so happened to be placed right where the male models genitalia is located, and effectively letting them strut their stuff with everything hanging out for all to see.

That must have been some casting call.

People magazine stated that Rick Owens’ isn’t afraid to push the envelope, and this time is no different. During an interview with Details magazine, Owens stated flat out that he isn’t good at subtlety.

“If you’re not going to be discreet and quiet, then just go all the way and have the balls to shave off your eyebrows, bleach your hair, and put on some big bracelets.”

While fashion may be all about pushing the envelope, many didn’t take to Rick Owens designs for the Paris Fashion Week runway, though others thought it was a grand idea. In fact, some were so shocked, overjoyed, and enraged that a new hashtag was born on Twitter and Instagram: #DickOwens.

Hahahaha…penises on the fashion catwalk #dickowens

— Fashion Miroir Blog (@FashionMiroir) January 23, 2015

Gender equality comes in the way of exposed penises on the catwalk, Rick Owens. #DickOwens

— Justine iaboni (@JustineIaboni) January 23, 2015

Has fashion gone a little too far? Tell us what you think of Rick Owens’ Paris Fashion Week collection in the comments below!

[Image via Twitter]