Kandi Burruss On Not Taking Sides: ‘I’m Going To Laugh, I’m Sorry’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss isn’t the person you would associate with verbal arguments, at least not when it comes to the other ladies. Kandi has been fighting her own battles with her mother’s lack of acceptance of her now-husband, Todd Tucker, but Burruss won’t jump into a verbal argument to support her friends. In fact, Kandi doesn’t play the middle man, and she doesn’t get involved with drama.

After this week’s episode of the show, Kandi Burruss was labeled as a two-faced person, because she could laugh at NeNe Leakes’ comments about Claudia Jordan, but she could also be friendly with Claudia afterwards. Many viewers felt that Burruss needed to pick a side: either she stood behind NeNe or Claudia.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is now revealing why she isn’t picking sides, and why it is important for her to just stay neutral in the matter.

“Something is going to pop off if you tell somebody that you can’t believe they have a brain, but I don’t think anybody was expecting Claudia to react the way she did. Yes, I did feel like Claudia got the best of NeNe in the argument, because there was a lot that was said. Every time NeNe had something to say, Claudia had a comeback for it,” Kandi Burruss explains of how the fight got started, adding that people have wanted to see someone stand up to NeNe for a while now.

“It was funny and hilarious, and Claudia just seemed to be saying the things that everybody has at one point wanted to say, but probably never did. The reason why I say everybody is because I look at the blogs, I see the tweets, and there have been a lot of times that people over the years have said, ‘Why didn’t you say that?’ Or ‘Somebody needs to tell her this!'” Kandi Burruss reveals, hinting that the confrontation was something that people had been asking for.

But it was Kandi’s behavior that had people talking. She was laughing at NeNe’s various comments, making it seem like she was taking her side in the argument. But Kandi had no intentions of taking sides. And Burruss reveals that if something is funny to her, she will laugh.

“I see people have been tweeting me saying, ‘Oh you’re two-faced’ — no I’m not two-faced, because I really don’t have a very close relationship with either one of them. Both of them are cool, but I just don’t have a close relationship with either one. So if one of them says something funny, I’m going to laugh, I’m sorry. You can be mad all you want to, but if Claudia says something funny, I’m going to laugh, if NeNe says something funny I’m going to laugh — I don’t owe either one of them anything,” Kandi Burruss explains.

According to the Inquisitr, Kandi has revealed that she doesn’t want people to question her loyalty. She is loyal to her friends, but that doesn’t mean Burruss needs to fight their battles for them.

Do you think Kandi Burruss’ neutral stance is indeed her being two-faced?

[Image via Bravo]