Deflate-Gate 2015: Is The Media Too Obsessed With The Patriots Football Scandal?

The “Deflate-gate” scandal is causing the media to blow up over an underinflated football. Some would say that the media is treating the football scandal like Watergate. “Deflate-gate” got its name when the New England Patriots were accused of underinflating some footballs that were used during their games. Journalists have been constantly grilling Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick to see if anybody is going to step up and take the blame.

Tom Brady held a news conference Thursday to address the Deflate-gate scandal. One of the questions during the conference was, “Will you answer now, is Tom Brady a cheater?” Brady held his ground during the press conference. He looked into the journalist’s eyes and answered that he’s an honest player.

“I don’t believe so. I feel I always played by the rules.”

Brady also announced that he never underinflated or tampered with the footballs in the popular Deflate-gate debacle. This story has gotten so much traction in the media throughout the week. Not just in New England, but all over the country.

This Deflate-gate scandal is creating more attention since the New England Patriots slammed the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game. Some football fans would say that the New England Patriots don’t deserve to head to the Super Bowl again.

The coverage of Deflate-gate is kind of similar to watching a political scandal unfold. There have been breaking news updates about the scandal with flashing banners saying “Awaiting Brady News Conference.” This scandal even has a catchy nickname. The hashtag #DeflateGate has been trending on Twitter, according to a recent Inquisitr report.

In fact, Twitter has been laughing at the Deflate-gate scandal. The press conference had Twitter users chuckling like school kids, according to Some were snickering over the phrase “deflated balls” while others compared Brady to Pinocchio.

Brady wasn’t the only one grilled during the Deflate Gate press conference. Bill Belichick reportedly looked “nervous” during the conference. The Patriots head coach told reporters that he “no knowledge whatsoever” about the underinflated footballs.

The Deflate-gate controversy isn’t the only cheating scandal surrounding the New England Patriots. They were disciplined by the NFL in 2007 for a “Spygate” controversy that revealed the team videotaped an opposing team’s sideline signals. If the Patriots are found guilty of underinflating the footballs, they may receive some hefty repercussions from the NFL.

[Image by Keith Allison via Creative Commons]