Fourth UFO Buzzes International Space Station — What Is The Strange Object In NASA Video Feed?

A new UFO video from the NASA feed broadcast from a camera mounted on the International Space Station orbiting 275 miles above Earth shows a mysterious, ghostly object that seems to rise into view an then fade out. But what accounts for this strange image?

Whatever it is, the sighting of a UFO in the NASA video marks the fourth sighting of an unidentified object apparently hovering near the space station since October, when a space station camera captured a bizarre image of what UFO watchers believe is an alien craft observing two astronauts engaged in a space walk outside the station, as they attempted to repair some equipment affixed to the space station’s exterior.

No astronauts are visible in this latest video, which can be viewed above. But a bizarre object does indeed appear. So what it it?

NASA hasn’t said — as the space agency rarely, if ever, issues official comments regarding UFO sightings and other anomalies spotted in its photographic and video evidence relayed from space.

The prolific YouTube UFO hunter who isolated this new piece of footage from the space station, the increasingly notorious Streetcap1, says right at the start of the video that he does not believe that the object is simply the moon.

That was the claim made in another recent video, one in which NASA appeared to suddenly cut off its ISS video feed moments after a UFO rose over Earth’s horizon.

But hoax busters say that is most likely exactly what this is, adding that the way the moon appears when photographed from space can often differ greatly from the familiar moon we’re accustomed to seeing with the naked eye from the surface of planet Earth.

In fact, in August of 2012, NASA released the below photo of a “full” moon as taken from the International Space Station, saying, “One of the Expedition 32 crew members aboard the Earth-orbiting International Space Station captured this image of the full moon on Aug. 1, 2012. Because of the home planet’s atmosphere, it is not easy at first sighting to recognize the heavenly body as the full moon.”

Compare that photo to this much hazier image, captured from the above video, excerpted by Streetcap1 from the NASA space station feed.

But viewers of this latest video remain undeterred. In fact, some suggest an even more alarming interpretation of the image than that of an alien spacecraft.

“It’s neither the moon nor a UFO,” wrote one YouTube commenter on the space station video. “I think that is one f****** massive asteroid that NASA won’t tell us about.”