Hailey Baldwin Shuts Down ‘Three-Way Date’ With Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner Story

Hailey Baldwin pulled no punches on Thursday when she slammed Hollywood Life’s latest fabrication, “Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin: Inside Their Flirty 3-Way Date With Justin Bieber.”

Last year, the 18-year-old model — who is frequently seen with Bieber and BFF Jenner — told E! that she and the singer are just pals. She has previously taken to Twitter to blast media reports that state or imply otherwise.

For context: Bieber, Hailey, mutual pal Kendall Jenner, and several friends went to the All Def Comedy Live show in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Pics that surfaced from the comedy club show nothing sordid about their evening out.

Yet this is the premise of Hollywood Life’s story, “They went on a three-way date… and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!”

Quoting a fictional source, the notorious site writes, “Justin was certainly enjoying himself and the two young women he was with,” adding, “I found it interesting that he was giving equal attention to both girls.”

“He was acting as if he was the man because during certain parts of the show, I saw him slouched back in the couch with his arms around both ladies!”

The site continued, “So scandalous! But if they’re all happy, then more power to them.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The longtime pals, along with other friends, had a laugh at a Los Angeles comedy club hosted by Russell Simmons on Wednesday, January 21)

And just like that, an outlet with undeserved reach sent a false claim around the world, that Bieber, Baldwin and Jenner are in a sexually deviant, three-way arrangement. Inevitably, numerous gossip outlets repeated it.

How do we know the “3-Way Date” story is false?

Baldwin said so.

“What even is a ‘3 way date’ and haven’t you ever heard of friends hanging out…? Lemme kno…,” the model wrote, “just lemme knoooo how these stupid scenarios make sense to you? #peoplerdumb.”

Hailey later deleted the first part of that tweet. However, last night she also posted pointed captions emphasizing her friendships with Justin and Kendall alongside two pics.

“The 3 best friends that anyone could have,” she wrote next to a photo of herself, Kendall and the Biebs, after the trio went to the Staples Center to watch the Los Angeles Clippers trounce the Brooklyn Nets.

Justin Bieber Back To Brown Hair

Other friends along on the night included champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, Ryan Butler, Vine stars Nash Grier, Curtis Lepore, King Bach, Kyle Massey, Alfredo Flores, Maejor Ali, and more.

Alongside another photo of herself and Justin, Hailey simply noted, “Buds.”

Hailey Baldwin
(Photo: Hailey captioned one pic with the singer, 'Buds')

As the Inquisitr reported, Hollywood Life topped watchdog Gossip Cop’s “Worst Outlet in Celebrity Journalism” list last November, and was previously slammed by Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone over fabricated stories.

Last summer, Hollywood Life led the news cycle on a merry dance with fake allegations of Gomez supposedly feuding with Taylor Swift. More recently, after the site repeatedly said Swift was dating The 1975’s Matt Healy, the frontman denied it as a “farce.”

Its latest claim of a “three-way date” between Bieber, Jenner and Baldwin, should now be treated with the same contempt Hailey appeared to show it on Twitter last night.

For the record, TMZ is currently reporting sources close to Bieber confirmed he is single, adding that he hangs out with pals Kendall and Hailey because they are “relatively drama-free and positive.”

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