Demi Moore Wedding Heartbreak: Young Lover Wants Kids, Fears Age Gap

Wedding bells may not be in the plans for Demi Moore any time soon, and the latest news about the actress suggests she may get her heartbroken -- again. According to a gossip report by Classicalite, Demi wants to get engaged and eventually marry her much younger boyfriend, Sean Friday, but her daughters recently learned the rocker may have other plans. And spending the rest of his life with an older woman may not be in the cards.

Demi Moore's wedding debacle all unfolded over the Christmas holiday last year. At the time, tabloids reported the tension that developed when Demi's beau was confronted by her daughter, Scout Willis. In a bold move, she asked the Los Angeles-based drummer if he planned to ask for her mom's hand in marriage.

"Sean's face went bright red... He left the room. [Friday] really loves Demi, but he wants a family and doesn't know if she can give him that. If Demi knew, she would be heartbroken."

Reportedly, Moore's man, who is 24 years younger than Demi, expressed some apprehension about giving up his lifestyle and marrying a woman nearly twice his age. Moreover, an engagement, much less a wedding, may not be in the cards because he wants to have kids, but isn't sure Demi Moore wants to expand her family.

Meanwhile, the G.I. Jane actress appears to be comfortable in her new relationship with her daughters, Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah Willis. When out in the public with her daughters, Moore looks like one of the girls. After going through a tough time and reported breakdown during her heated divorce with ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher, Demi appears more confident, radiant, and focused on being a good mom, this according to those close to her.

According to OK! Magazine, Demi Moore's wedding plans were based on the fact that she and Sean have been inseparable as of late. Her boy toy has been bunking at her home quite often, so Demi supposedly wanted to take the next step: ask him to move into her mansion permanently. She was also hoping to get engaged by the year's end and plan a wedding, to no avail, said an insider.

"Demi is head over heels... Sean sleeps at her place all the time, so she's hoping to get him to move in full-time after the holidays."

Information from a source claimed to be in the know suggests Rumer is afraid her mom may be going down another road that will eventually lead to heartbreak. Ashton bailed on her before they bore kids together; Friday may follow suit.

"Rumer Willis is afraid that when Sean is ready to start a family, he'll find a younger woman - just like Ashton Kutcher did with Mila Kunis."

Demi Moore's wedding plans -- if there ever were any -- may not be on the radar at the moment for the charming actress; marriage may just have to wait until the stars line up. If it's any consolation, according to CL, Demi's daughters have a long list of other young potential suitors if Sean continues having cold feet.

[Image via: Wikimedia Commons]