Who Knew Benedict Cumberbatch Played Stephen Hawking Before He Got Super Famous? [Video]

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most critically acclaimed actors today, but few people outside the United Kingdom remember hims for his first role. Cumberbatch played scientist Stephen Hawking in a 2004 film for the BBC entitled Hawking. Although it was positively received during the time, not even some of his hardcore fans are able to remember that he actually played the legendary physicist on screen. In fairness, Cumberbatch has just received international fame on Sherlock since 2010, making him one of the most recently popular British performers this decade.

This is just one of the few gems we learned after watching Screen Junkies’ latest installment of “Before They Were Famous!” Celebrating this year’s Oscars, Screen Junkie decided to delve into the hushed early roles and the awkward pre-fame photos of this year’s nominees.

Aside from Benedict, other A-listers were prominently featured in the film. One of those that shocked us was Emma Stone, whose pre-Easy A days were filled with a cringe-worthy inclusion in a particular reality TV show called In Search of the New Partridge Family.

Want to see Emma “Emily” Stone before she was cool. Check her performance below!

Another shocker was a 90s era Bradley Cooper, who was seen at an old footage of the Actor’s Studio asking Sean Penn pointers for acting. Who knew Cooper would land lead roles a decade into the future?

There is even a mashed-up clip of Louis C.K making fun of aspiring actors who go to the Actor’s Studio, with a clip of Studio attendee Bradley Cooper annoying the hell out of Louis in a footage from American Hustle.

[Image from BBC Two]