New Hampshire Twins Left Home Alone For Months While Parents Vacationed Abroad

Twins in New Hampshire were left home alone for months while their parents traveled abroad. The pair of 9-year-old boys were left in an apartment with no food and an uncle who was supposed to be looking after them. The twins’ parents took three of their siblings on a trip to Nigeria.

Giobari Atura, the uncle of the New Hampshire twin boys, was reportedly supposed to be babysitting the children, but allegedly just dropped off food and left. Police officers were alerted to the potential child abuse case in November. During a search of the home, law enforcement officers found there was no “edible food” in the refrigerator, and only some ramen noodles left in the kitchen cabinet.

Giobari Atura, the uncle accused of leaving twins home alone for months.

Manchester, New Hampshire, police stated that Giobari Atura, 25, told them that every couple of days he would stop by the home of the twins. But the police sweep of the apartment did not reveal adequate and readily available food. Atura was arrested and charged with one count of endangering the welfare of a child. He was later released on $500 bail.

Giobari Atura’s brother and the father of the New Hampshire twins, Jerusalem Monday, went to Nigeria in July. Monday, his wife, and three other children were slated to return at the end of August. Jerusalem Monday reportedly told the police the return of the family was delayed by passport issues and illness.

The police became involved in the case after the school where the twins attend contacted child protective services. The twins left alone in their apartment for months finally told their teacher about the living situation. The 9-year-old boys said they were getting themselves up and ready to catch the school bus, and they made sure to eat breakfast and lunch while at school.
The twins were placed into foster care after being taken into state custody.

Giobari Atura also told New Hampshire police that he checked in on the boys only on the days that he went to work, which reportedly amounted to three days per week. The uncle of the twins left alone for months also said that he told his nephews to call him if they needed anything – the police report says there was no working phone in the apartment.

The parents of the New Hampshire twins said they instructed their uncle to stay with the boys and to contact a family friend if he could not be at the home. Jerusalem Monday and his wife also claim that they stayed in contact with the uncle, who assured them everything was fine.

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