Melissa Benoist Soars From ‘Glee’ To ‘Supergirl’ As CBS Superheroine Kara Zor-El [Video]

Melissa Benoist may not be mistaken for a bird or a plane, but she’s about to join the ranks of superheroes in flying from the cast of Glee to a CBS pilot, Supergirl. And her new role could turn Benoist into a runaway superstar, reported Deadline.

From her late arrival at Glee’s William McKinley High School at a time when the original stars such as Lea Michele were shown fleeing the school and town for the Big Apple to this new role, Melissa has become known as a Hollywood casting call survivor.

To earn her new role as Supergirl, Benoist competed with a casting agency filled with potential super-heroines, including Claire Holt and Elizabeth Lail. But she made it through the competitive selection process to emerge as the newest TV hero.

Melissa’s role is based on the characters from DC Comics. The project itself combines the talents of Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti Prods., with the entire show built around Benoist’s character of Kara Zor-El.

The plot reveals how Kara Zor-El was born on the planet Krypton. After escaping despite Krypton’s destruction, Supergirl escapes to planet Earth. Although her powers resemble those of a famous cousin you might have heard of (Superman), Kara Zor-El hides her skills until she achieves her current age of 24.

Part of the Earthly lessons come from Kara’s foster family the Danvers, who warn Melissa’s character to be cautious with her super powers, according to the Hollywood Reporter. But with unattractive eyeglasses and pulled-back hair, even Kara’s prettiness is hidden until she finds herself in a position to perform a heroic act.

After that, Kara takes on the role of helping people in public, and behold, Supergirl is born!

But it’s not the first time that Melissa has been tasked with the challenge of portraying a superhero. During the “Dynamic Duets” episode on Glee, Benoist showed off her powers, as shown below.

With Melissa known as the “new Rachel” at McKinley High, what happens to Lea Michele? Fans can continue to view her on TV as one of the characters in Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s new Scream Queens, as the Inquisitr reported.

Also joining Lea on the Fox show will be Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, Emma Roberts, Joe Manganiello, and Keke Palmer. In addition, Ariana Grande will guest star in a recurring role.

Fox Television Groups CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman revealed that Fox pleaded with Ryan Murphy to continue creating shows for the network. Scream Queens is the result of their begging, and it will be an anthology mixing humor and (scream) horror.

[Photo By Charley Gallay/Getty Images]