Farmer Convinced He Has Discovered The Mortal Remains Of Two Mythical Vampire-Like Creatures

For centuries, tales have been passed from one generation to the next about an ungodly, savage, and mythical vampire type creature which has stalked the dark and remote areas of the Americas like an apocalyptic nightmare from the an Old Testament’s prophet most delirious conjuring.

This vile beast of which we speak is said to have plagued this world from time out of mind, and is said to be capable of such diabolical deeds and wanton savagery, that just one look at its cold, unfathomable, and unforgiving eyes could turn the blood of the most battle-hardened hero into ice water.

This horror without equal is known by the name Chupacabra, and the remains of two of the little vampire-like and bizarre-looking creatures have been reportedly found by a farmer in a haystack.

Chilean goat farmer Javier Prohens was enjoying a spot of lunch with friends in the pleasant midday sun when his rural reverie was rudely interrupted by a terrified and badly-shaken farmhand.

Bricio Saldivar, 54, appeared as pale as a ghost when he broke the news to his boss that he had stumbled across the bodies of two strange and freaky-looking creatures in amongst the hay bales of the old winery on the outskirts of the small town of Monte Patria in the east central Chilean province Limari.

Putting down his knife and fork and wiping his mouth with a napkin, Javier no doubt feared the worst. “Could these creatures be the legendary Chupacabra of old?”

Farmers in South America have long feared the deadly Chupacabra, as they have a long history of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

Javier, Bricio, and a few trusted men went to inspect these mysterious remains. At first relief loomed large within the group as they thought perhaps the corpses might have been nothing more than dead bats, but on closer inspection, the cold, stark truth slowly dawned. They were indeed looking at the remains of two vampire-like Chupacabra creatures.

Farmers Living In Fear After Remains Of Mythical Monster Found

The Daily Mail reported that Mr. Prohens had no doubt in his mind that he was looking at the remains of the dreaded blood-sucking Chupacabra.

“Bricio was clearly scared and said he had been up at the old winery and found two strange bodies. When we got there we saw them lying among some hay bales in one of the cellars. At first we thought they might be bats, but when we looked closer, we realised they had to be something else as the heads were too big for bats. And then someone said they looked like Chupacabras.”

Farmers Living In Fear After Remains Of Mythical Monster Found

The Chupacabra are battle-ready beasts who are about the size of a small bear, equipped with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail. Unnervingly, the Chupacabra can also apparently hop like a kangaroo.

Chupacarba3. jpg

Since the shock discovery of the Chupacabra monsters, other farmers in the area are living in a state of mild hysteria. Querubin Lebron, 38, fears the worst.

“Our livelihoods are built on goat farming. There are lots of goats here. Although it’s said they only attack animals, who knows it is won’t attack our children too.”

Thankfully, the scourge of the Chupacabra has not yet reached out its pestilent hand to embrace the whole of America, and most farmers can make hay and plough their fields in relative peace.

In April last year, a Texas couple boldly claimed they had netted a Chupacabra in their back yard. However, upon further investigation, it was revealed that the creature was actually a raccoon suffering from scabies.

Until further notice, it is advised that goat farmers everywhere remain vigilant.

[Images via the Daily Mail]