Prince Michael Jackson Cyberbullied, Closes Facebook Account

Michael Jackson’s son, 17-year-old Prince, is just like any other teenager when it comes to the social media. He has had a presence on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Vine for some time, but recently suffered a bad experience on Facebook, when he was hit by cyberbullies.

After being constantly harassed with thousands of comments, including repeated questions asking if his famous father was still alive, it all got to be too much for him. Radar Online quotes a source close to Jackson as saying he got really upset and deleted his Facebook account on Monday.

Prince also had problems when opening an Instagram account a few weeks ago. Apparently when employees of the popular photo sharing website saw his name, they immediately assumed he must be an imposter and revoked the account twice before the teen managed to convince them that he was, indeed, the real Prince Michael Jackson.

Jackson actively connects on the social media with his father’s fans from all over the world, but after the problems on Facebook, has decided to keep his new Instagram account private. He has allowed only 48 people to follow him on Instagram and has, apparently, also avoided posting on Twitter since around December 18 last year.

The Hollywood Gossip reports the social media side of things seems to be a family problem, as Prince’s sister, Paris Jackson, shut down her once busy social networking life after she attempted suicide back in June 2013. The suicide attempt was apparently largely due to the constant media bombardment that comes from being related to the King of Pop.

Meanwhile, Prince turns 18 next month, and at that stage, will receive a large chunk of his huge inheritance from famous father, Michael Jackson, so it is probably a good time to get off the social media. He would likely be bombarded by a different set of questions by girls looking for a rich husband.

In other Prince Michael Jackson related news, the Inquisitr recently noted Michael’s little boy had been spotted at a Hollywood birthday party, with plenty of young ladies apparently vying for his attentions. It is, indeed, hard to avoid the spotlight.

[Image: Facebook screen CC by-SA Marcus Quigmire – Prince Jackson insert CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Hubert Burda Media]