Billionaire Elon Musk Plans To Take Us To Mars In 10 Years

From producing the electric car to paving a way for a less expensive space exploration methods, Elon Musk is not slowing down in providing the world with mind-boggling innovations that came straight from a science fiction novel.

This week, Musk's SpaceX announced that they raised over $1 billion from companies like Google and Fidelity, allowing them to move forward with the spaceship manufacturer's business goals. This infusion brings the value of SpaceX to a staggering $10 billion, and created a link between Google and Musk's innovative company.

Although the company did not reveal any plans, there are a number of ways that SpaceX can use this massive investment. Musk wishes to fly people to Mars within the next decade to help build a livable city where humans can thrive.

Talking about their collaboration with Google, Musk told Bloomberg Businessweek that the deal will help create a global communications system that is able to bring internet access to a wider set of people. Instead of having computers pass data from a series of wires on the ground, it would be better to beam the information to a satellite in our atmosphere and have it beamed back to a specific destination on Earth. With this powerful signal, Google and SpaceX can possibly bring the power of the internet to areas that have difficulty acquiring a signal, such as in third world countries.

After designing Tesla, Musk is also attempting to turn his Hyperloop dream into a reality. Slated to become the fastest train in the world if built, the Hyperloop will operate using magnetic levitation technology that runs at a maximum of 430 miles per hour. Technically, the train will float above a magnetic rail while being inside a vacuum, reducing the risk of friction-related accidents that can occur in poorly designed railway modes.

The Hyperloop will transport people and goods back and forth from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a record amount of time. After revealing his plans back in 2013, Hyperloop is inching closer towards the new reality, with SpaceX working hand in hand with a media giant like Google. Research for the Hyperloop is in full swing, and Musk is working with the best engineers and scientists to bring this dream to reality.

If Musk is creating more and more ways to connect people through the internet and through land transportation, he envisions a greater future for other planets. He believes it's important to think ahead and mount internet access to neighboring planets like Mars. With Elon Musk, nothing is impossible.

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