WWE News: WWE Superstar Goldust Set To Retire After WrestleMania 31

WWE Superstar Goldust is a guy who seemingly does not age. He was a popular character with WWE in the 90s who was seemingly gay and would go to every mental sexual extent to get an edge on any opponent. He left the company for a couple years and came back in early 2002, only to reinvent himself as a man with a stuttering gimmick. He’d get electrocuted via storyline and stutter as a result, putting him in the limelight due to his beloved comedic performance as the character.

He’d then leave once again in 2004, where he’d go to TNA and perform as Black Reign and have a completely different look, as he was much heavier. He worked the Indy scene some as well. Goldust would go through a problem with drugs at this time. He told the world in interviews that he would take hundreds of pills, seemingly daily. He felt that he was lucky to be alive.

He’d manage to get cleaned up and back in WWE as a trainer/agent in 2008. He looked completely different, as he lost a great deal of weight. As a clean performer who was in possibly the best shape of his life, he’d truly show us that age was just a number.

He worked a match or two as Goldust, and fans loved how he looked in the ring. So instead of WWE putting him behind the scenes full time, they put him in front as a full-time performer.

He has mainly been with his brother, Cody Rhodes, as a member of the Rhodes Brothers tag team since coming back. Goldust is the man that time forgot, according to many, as he looks just as good in the ring today as he did in 1995. Sadly, everyone has to call it quits eventually, and it appears that Goldust will be doing just that soon.

According to Ewrestlingnews, Goldust will be transitioning from a full-time in-ring role to an agent/trainer once again. The plan is for him to make the change after WrestleMania 31, so there is a thought that he could have a final WrestleMania appearance and leave the ring after. The Gold and Stardust tag team is set to slowly fade out in the next few months. The plan is to make Stardust a singles performer, but that does not technically mean that the Cody Rhodes character will be back over Stardust.

Cody loves being characters in his career, and would most likely want to remain Stardust as long as possible.

Some are calling for a Goldust vs Stardust match at WrestleMania 31, but it is uncertain if WWE would want to do that. If fans push for it, there is some potential that it would happen. As of now, WrestleMania matches are not yet set. So this match is up in the air. The only thing we know for sure is that Goldust will be hanging it up as a full-time talent soon. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

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