Suspect David Vanzo Accused Of Taking Dead Mom To Bank For Cash Withdrawal

Suspect David Vanzo may not be winning any Son of the Year awards, if what police are accusing him of is true (and if such awards existed).

Vanzo reportedly wheeled his 90-year-old mother into a bank in Plymouth, Minnesota, days before her 91st birthday to make a cash withdrawal.

Employee witnesses said they could not tell if the woman was breathing at the time, as David allegedly used her presence to make an $850 cash withdrawal.

As it turns out, the employees’ suspicions may have been correct as authorities — after examining the body — came to the conclusion that David Vanzo had waited at least seven hours before notifying them of his mother’s death.

During that period, police suggest he made the bank trip, a theory backed up by one neighbor, who claimed he “didn’t know if she was unconscious, or not alive,” First to Know reports.

Vanzo may be facing charges of financial exploitation and elderly neglect, the latter charge stemming from the condition of the body when authorities responded and found Caryl “in bed, wearing a robe and fur coat” with her shoes “covered in feces, and… the stench of human waste” permeating the home.

This apparently wasn’t the first time that David Vanzo has found himself on the opposite side of the law with regards to his mother.

In 2012, police say, “social workers visited the residents… to check on Caryl Vanzo’s well-being, and authorities have investigated David twice before for financial exploitation of his mother.”

Tragic as the situation seems, commenters on the First to Know story didn’t have trouble finding [dark] humor in it.

“He should of [sic] went through the drive-up window! lol, Don’t die yet mom i need that money! haha, He might of [sic] did something to her that caused her death like too much medication maybe! Then he takes her home and puts her in bed wearing a robe and a Fur Coat! Sad how he wasn’t even taking care of her, House smelled like s–t and her shoes covered in s–t! Took her for everything she had till her last breath! Poor lady…”

Inappropriateness aside, the comment does raise one valid question: how did Caryl Vanzo die and will her son be investigated regarding that? Only time will tell. For now, My Fox Twin Cities reports that David Vanzo stands by his love for mom.

“I love my mother very much,” he said through tears.

“I gave my life to keep my mother alive. Look at my eyes.”

What do you think about the case of David Vanzo? Should he be imprisoned if the charges are found to be true? Sound off in our comments section.