Prior Lake Brad Knudson: Prior Lake Dad Confronts Daughter’s Bullies, Their Parents In Emotional Video

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Prior Lake dad Brad Knudson stood up kids who bullied his daughter by posting a video on YouTube. According to NewsMax, Knudson found out that his adopted African American daughter was being taunted by some kids on Snapchat (a popular photo/video app), and he couldn’t just sit back and watch.

The Michigan man decided to make a YouTube video to call out these bullies, who were using racial slurs and other mean terms when referring to this man’s little girl (whom he and his wife adopted 11 years ago).

“Knudson said in the video he talked to the father of the alleged bullies and was told that the family uses ‘the word’ in their talk around the house and it wasn’t a problem. Then Knudson played a voicemail message he received from the father in which the man allegedly calls Knudson a ‘n— lover,'” reports NewsMax.

Prior Lake’s Brad Knudson’s video, which is really like a video diary, has been watched over 500,000 times. According to dbTechno, the father mentioned above — the one who didn’t seem to care what his kids were saying to Knudson’s daughter — lost his job two days after Knudson’s video was posted on YouTube. Knudson certainly did something right by taking a stand, don’t you think?

Bullying is still a very real problem in this country and around the world. Sadly, some adults sit back and turn a blind eye when things like this happen — like the father mentioned above. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a bullying incident in Minneapolis made headlines this week as well.