Mom Recreates Andy's Room From 'Toy Story' To Give Twin Boys The Best Bedroom Ever

Danny Cox

Parents will do just about anything for their kids to make them happy, but sometimes, it's the obsessions of the parents that benefit the children. A mother from Texas loves the Disney-Pixar flick Toy Story, and she took it upon herself to not only bestow her love for the movie to her twin boys, but also everything else in the movie.

With that, she created the Toy Story bedroom which is an almost identical replication of Andy's Room for her twin sons.

Andy's Room Toy Story Bedroom

Christy Bolin spoke directly to Inquisitr, and at first shared the pics of her son's Toy Story bedroom on Facebook. Disney fans clamored to them and absolutely fell in love with them.

Not only does the room look just like Andy's Room from the film with the blue walls, posters, and clouds that she had an artist come in to paint, but it's the details that make it true. Looking around the room, the distinct toys from Toy Story are all over the place.

"I have been collecting the Toy Story toys for several years. Some belonged to my 15 year old, - the twin's older brother - and I am always on the lookout for more. A few of the rare ones I had to purchase on eBay."

Toy Story Bedroom

A lot of the other toys are not so easy to find, and some never even made it onto retail store shelves, but were merely creations sold on a smaller scale. Christy didn't seem to have a problem with that because she wanted to make the room as authentic as possible.

Toy Story bedroom

Notice that even the Pixar bouncy ball is on that shelf? There is nothing pictured that wasn't in the film, and that is making sure to stay in character.

There are so many Disney movies to choose from though, and even Pixar's library is growing by the year. One has to wonder why Toy Story in particular? Christy says they just love it.

"The 'Toy Story' movies have always been our favorite movies. I think that Andy had the coolest room ever for a little boy. I am always looking for ways to bring a little Disney magic into our everyday lives, and I wanted to have a room that reflects our love for the 'Toy Story' movies and also for Disney and Pixar."

toy story room 19

One has to wonder though about what the future holds for the Toy Story bedroom. Christy's oldest son has already grown up to 15 years of age, and her twins are bound to grow up and head off to school. What will become of the cool room then?

"This room will never be redecorated as long as I am living in this house. Andy had this room through college, so my boys can too. When my boys go to college maybe it will become my office. But we will never get tired of it."

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