Kanye West Plays New Music As New Paul McCartney Duet Flops

First, the bad news: The hyped up Kanye West and Paul McCartney duet “Only One” has taken another horrific fall down Billboard’s Hot 100 this week. West falls from a sad No. 54 to a downright depressing No. 85. Even though “Only One” had a harsh fall last week, many had hopes it would climb back up. Perhaps it’s time for Kanye West and his record company to realize that the song just didn’t catch on.

Now, the good news: Kanye West isn’t letting his latest flop deter him from promoting his new music. On Wednesday, West previewed new music from his upcoming studio album at the iHeart Media Music Summit in Burbank, California. Billboard reported on the Kanye West musical event.

“Kanye walked out with his laptop to a stunned room and picked up the mic — then, noting the size of the room, put it down and asked if everyone could hear him and proceeded to speak for around 45 minutes without a mic. He spoke of bringing in soul beats on his early records at a time when gangsta rap was prevalent, and the dichotomy of being signed to Roc-a-Fella and wearing a backpack in 2004.”

According to Billboard, Kanye West’s new music was well received. It would be great if the general public and music critics joined the excitement. Besides instantly falling off the charts, “Only One” has received some very harsh reviews, especially from the Los Angeles Times.

“It hits at the two-minute mark, the realization that ‘Only One’ featuring Paul McCartney isn’t headed into that glorious West-ian stratosphere that we’ve come to expect over the past decade. At the three-minute mark, all hope is lost.”

Many believe that Kanye’s tabloid image has taken over his music. It doesn’t help that TMZ just reported a story about Kanye West and his braids.

“Kanye West says he has been racially profiled by cops… arrested and charged with stealing printers from an OfficeMax back in 2000… all because of his braids. We got hold of Kanye’s deposition in a case filed by a photog who Kanye assaulted at LAX. In the depo, Kayne admits to being convicted of a felony… and then recalls the incident where he says, ‘I was racially profiled for having a white T-shirt and braids.’ “

Over the past week, there have also been ridiculous stories reported about his relationship with Kim Kardashian, his ego, and other things that take away from the music. Do you think Kanye West can still deliver a hit album?