Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized For Virus: Dina Lohan Worried, Begs Lindsay To Move Back To Long Island

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been hospitalized for a virus known as Chikungunya. The actress was hospitalized on Wednesday with a high fever and “unbearable” joint paint, according to UPI. Now Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, has been worried about the ailing star. Dina is begging for Lindsay to move back to Long Island.

Dina Lohan allegedly flew to London on Wednesday to go see her ailing daughter after she learned that Lindsay was hospitalized with a mysterious virus from a mosquito bite. Lindsay allegedly complained that she had joint pain and a high fever. That’s when Lindsay was hospitalized for Chikungunya virus, which she mentioned on Instagram back in December.

“In good faith with good people. I refuse to let a virus effect my peaceful vacation. be safe and happy on the new year all.#wildfox and a positive, healthy new year.”


The symptoms related back to the virus that Lindsay Lohan contracted while vacationing in Bora Boar during the Thanksgiving and Christmas break. She was reportedly staying away from her family and focusing on herself. That’s when Lindsay fell ill, all because of a mosquito bite. Lindsay was released from King Edward VII Hospital on Wednesday, and is being referred to a specialist after her fever reduced, according to the report.

That’s not stopping Dina Lohan from reaching out to Lindsay. RadarOnline reported that Dina has made it clear that she is “taking no chances and wants Lindsay home.” A friend close to Dina Lohan gave the details about her plans to take Lindsay home.

“Dina wants her to come home to New York when she is released. She is extremely worried for Lindsay and has suggested that she come back to live with her until her symptoms get better.”

Lindsay, 28, doesn’t want to return to Long Island anytime soon. She’s confident that she can beat this virus, even though she’s been hospitalized twice for it already. The family friend also reported that Lindsay hasn’t been feeling well these past two weeks, despite her attempts to stay away from the Lohan clan.

“She doesn’t understand why this is happening to her and feels that the timing ‘just sucks’ because she was finally ‘getting her s**t together.'”

“Lindsay is strong, but when it comes to something like this, she is also really scared right now.”

Lindsay Lohan has been living in London since 2014 and has acted in the West End production of David Mamet’s 1988 play, Speed the Plow. Lindsay received poor reviews for forgetting her lines and looking out of the place in such a professional setting.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Inquisitr, the Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne virus that’s transmitted through people through mosquito bites. The most common symptoms include joint paint and fever, which are the same symptoms that made Lindsay Lohan hospitalized with the virus. Other symptoms may also include rash, muscle pain, joint swelling, or a headache.

[Image by Joel Kramer via Creative Commons]