Rita Ora Bares Her Body, Shows Off Six Pack In Adidas Video

After getting nude in a storm of glitter for the Adidas Superstar Campaign, Rita Ora is now showing off an impressive six pack for a sportswear photo shoot.

According to the Daily Mail, Rita Ora snapped some promotional pictures for the new Adidas line, wearing a cropped sports top and a tracksuit. Despite all the athletic gear, Rita Ora was still fully done-up with styled blonde hair and glamorous makeup.

You can see Rita in the behind-the-scenes video for Adidas above, wherein Ora talks about her venture upwards from a singer and entertainer to designer. And Rita has Adidas to thank for her new status as a fashion designer, helping to add some of her own creativity to the Superstar sneaker, according to Global Grind. In the video, Rita shows off not only the new sportswear line, but a stunning figure with a visible six pack.

Rita Ora was not the only celebrity chosen to represent the Adidas Superstar brand. David Beckham, Damian Lillard, and Pharrell Williams were also selected to star in the 2015 Spring campaign. You can see them all in Adidas’ first Superstar ad, featuring Rita Ora nude and covered in glitter, in the video below.

The video analyzes what it means to be a superstar and suggests that it’s more than simply being famous, with people following you around. Rita Ora explains what she thinks it takes to be a superstar in the behind-the-scenes video.

“The effort that you put into your work–your craft, that’s what makes a superstar,” says Ora.

“Being a superstar, it’s not just about having an up and then a down—it’s about sustaining your title.”

Adidas is not the only thing in the fashion world keeping Rita Ora busy, either. She also recently appeared on the cover of the February issue of L’Officiel Paris, according to Idolator. On the magazine, Rita ditches the sporty look for a classy, vintage 70s hairstyle and a fairly see-through shirt. You can see Rita on the cover in the photo below.

Rita Ora

Fans of Rita Ora will be glad to see her finding some success with the Adidas Superstar campaign, especially after her messy separation from DJ Calvin Harris. Rita and Harris had some spiteful exchanges over the course of their breakup, including an incident where Calvin pulled some strings to get Ora’s performance cancelled–and then dumped her over Twitter.

What do you think about Rita Ora’s contribution to the Adidas superstar campaign?

[Images courtesy of Adidas]