More Than Her Bass, Meghan Trainor’s All About Her Hair Extensions

Love her or hate her, Meghan Trainor is refreshingly honest. She’s not exactly politically correct (there are a lot of complaints of sexist undertones in her hit “All About That Bass”), and she definitely is not concerned about being the thinnest celebrity in Hollywood. She’s told honest tales of being bullied through school for her weight, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

She doesn’t mind admitting that she’s crazy about other celebrities and seems to thrive on healthy competition. And she’s refreshingly honest about her number one beauty tip, the thing that makes her feel absolutely fabulous (more than her bass!) — her hair extensions.

“I love my extensions. No one talks about it, but everyone’s got ’em! I was never allowed to dye my hair or get highlights or extensions. My first extensions ever were for the ‘Bass’ video, and it was a whole new world. I felt more powerful. I love my extensions, and I don’t mind talking about them.”

Indeed, is there much Meghan doesn’t mind talking about? Generation Y seems to adore her upfront, upbeat personality, the way she carries her size 12 frame with grace and confidence. And now she admits what so many stars are reluctant to: that abundant head of very thick, glowing, long blond locks aren’t all really her own. And she’s just fine with you knowing that.

Although other stars, such as Ariana Grande, admit to the use of hair extensions for both volume and length, many other stars are very tight-lipped about their use. With high-grade human hair extensions like Trainor and Grande have, it is very difficult to discern real hair from extensions.

Sure, fake locks are, well, fake. But Meghan seems to be one girl who is into pleasing herself. She’s enhancing her strands, not Photoshopping fake hair into her photos to please someone else. Some may say her use of extensions is hypocritical, since her standout hit seems to voice that women should be happy with themselves the way they are. But Meghan has never championed herself as the voice of feminism, she’s never said women shouldn’t enhance their looks — she’s simply said don’t be someone you’re not for someone else.

Many find it refreshing to talk to someone who admits the things about them that aren’t considered the gold beauty standard. Meghan isn’t shy about discussing her ample curves or her thin, fine hair, both things that are not considered “glamorous” in today’s social culture.

“My current hair is a mess! I have extensions in there that have grown out and I’ve got to get them fixed. But, I like my hair long and I like it thick. I have thin hair so I love extensions. I’m not really a ‘girly girl’ and I don’t really know how to do hair, so [my hair stylists] do my hair for me, which is awesome. I just tell them I like it down and wavy.”

Mess or not, the media loves Meghan — her bass, her hair extensions, and her brutal honesty.