"The Fighter" Director Charged With Groping Transgender Niece, Case Closed

H. Scott English

David O. Russell, Director of the Academy Award nominated The Fighter was accused of groping his preoperative transgender niece on December 30th. The police have decided to close the case with no charges filed.

A representative for Russell said, “We are pleased that the authorities have looked into this matter and have confirmed that the investigation has been concluded and the case has been closed,"

Russell doesn't deny the incident. Him and his niece were working out at a gym in the Embassy Suites. He started asking his niece, Nicholas/Nicole Peloquin about the procedures she was undergoing to become a woman. When Peloquin told the director that the hormones she had been taking made his breasts grow, the director put his hands under Peloquin's shirt and groped her breasts.

Russell claims the entire encounter was consensual.

Peloquin told the authorities that she felt "uncomfortable" but "did not ask him to stop at any time." She said she immediately left the gym and told her mother, who is Russell's adoptive sister.

Russell told police that Peloquin "allowed him to feel both of her breasts."

The Director further said "he had asked Peloquin several times if he [she] was uncomfortable," but she gave her consent.

Russell also added that Peloquin is "always causing drama since the transgender transformation and has become very provocative and seductive."

Representatives for Russell said that he was glad the case was closed and reiterated that he felt nothing impropoer had happened.

Do you think what David O. Russell did was wrong?