One Major Kentucky City Launches ‘Pit Bull Dogs Are Family’ Campaign To Spread Adoption Awareness

Among dog breeds, it is no secret that the pit bull breed of dogs, or variations, get a bad reputation. Based on this reputation, it makes it near impossible for most shelters to be able to get the dogs adopted and place them in good homes. To make matters worse, many states or communities have bans or restrictive ordinances that make ownership extremely difficult. Despite the fact that, as the Inquisitr reported, states like Washington and Utah are seeking to ban pit bull bans, many still exist.

Now, three organizations in Louisville, Kentucky, are taking a different approach to helping the pit bull breed’s tarnished image. According to Wave 3 News, Louisville Metro Animal Services, the Kentucky Humane Society, and Saving Sunny launched the initiative called “Pit Bull Dogs Are Family” Wednesday.

The initiative is putting ads on the sides of 60 local buses and billboards, according to WLKY. Also, local media have been donating ads and PSAs. The ads had photographs families with pit bulls and their owners. The idea behind the pit bull campaign is to encourage animal lovers and other residents without pit bulls to adopt one from one of their local shelters.

Ultimately, they hope it increases pit bull adoption by showing everyday people with everyday dogs that they personally own. The website has the same pictures, but with testimonials about their lives as pit bull owners. The introduction on the website breaks down the different possible pet related functions a pit bull can accomplish, if you were to adopt one.

“Are you looking for a loving lap dog, the world’s greatest kisser, a snuggle bunny, a Frisbee catcher, or a couch potato? Louisville Metro Animal Services, the Kentucky Humane Society, Saving Sunny, and Best Friends Animal Society encourage you to get to know a pit bull terrier. Everyday people—your neighbors, coworkers, friends and family—are adopting these everyday dogs, and you can too! There are many loving pitties in local shelters who are looking for great homes. All they need is you!”

Throughout the one page, which is where the “Pit bulls are family” are located on Louisville’s city website, there are links to local animal shelters that have pit bulls for adoption.

The Louisville Metro Animal Services, the Kentucky Humane Society, and Saving Sunny, according to WLKY, do a lot of work saving animals in general. The campaign could go a long way for the pit bull breed.

Although, at this point there has been no information regarding other communities taking up similar actions. It might be wise for pit bull owners and supporters to consider it, and it could go long way for the breed writ large.

What are your thoughts? Is this a good campaign to carry out? Are there better ways?

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[Image Via Pit Bulls Are Family And Hillary & Lamont Washington]