‘The Flash’ Spoilers: Time Travel, Barry And Iris’ Relationship, And Felicity And Ray Palmer Visiting

If you’re a fan of The Flash, there is so much coming up in the rest of the show’s first season (and beyond, since it’s already been renewed for a second season). There’s time travel, there’s some awkwardness for Barry and Iris following his confession, and there’s a visit from a couple of Arrow people, all before this season ends.

First of all, there have been enough clues that time travel could play a role in upcoming episodes of The Flash that it’s no surprise Grant Gustin told the Hollywood Reporter that that is happening in some way.

“We are diving deep into the time-travel element and it is going to be wild.”

Dr. Wells has already been seen in his secret room with that newspaper from the future, and all the mystery surrounding the Reverse Flash has to do with time travel as well. In fact, Tom Cavanagh suggests that fans might want to read the comic books to gain some knowledge about the time-travel element.

“In comic books, when you start talking about time travel – if anybody has followed The Flash, then they know Reverse-Flash and The Flash are not just doing this right now in the present day. They have a long history and there’s nothing that we’re not going to pursue when we try to tell the story. We’re trying to tell all of it.”

Looking at Barry’s life in the present, there is going to be some awkwardness between him and Iris following his confession, but as Gustin reveals in the video the CW released below, it doesn’t come from him.

“Everything is fine. After he opens up to Iris and doesn’t exactly get what he was hoping, he kind of quickly wants things to not go back to the way they were, but for things to just be easy. Barry, for as awkward as he is, does a good job after this of kind of being normal around Iris at this point because that relationship is really important to him. If anything, Iris is now the slightly more awkward one about the relationship.”

As for upcoming episodes of The Flash, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Episode 12 will feature Britne Oldford as Shawna Baez, while Episode 15 will feature Liam McIntyre as Mark Mardon, the Weather Wizard. Now, Variety has reported that Episode 18 will see the STAR Labs team visited by a couple of familiar faces to Arrow fans, as Emily Bett Rickards and Brandon Routh stop by. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has teased that the episode, titled “All-Star Team-Up,” sees Felicity show up when Barry needs her and Ray get some help of his own.

“In episode four of ‘Flash’ when Felicity came by, it wasn’t just a gag to have Felicity come by. It really was integrated into the story. When you reach what’s going on in ‘The Flash’ at that point in the season, Barry is really at a crossroads. Having Felicity come by exactly when he needs her really plays into the whole storyline….Ray Palmer is all about technology and STAR Labs is all about technology. We get to see Ray so happy to be in STAR Labs… With Cisco [Carlos Valdes] and Ray, they’re new best friends. The STAR Labs team is going to help Ray further his ATOM project.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]