Pizza Hut: Try Vegemite Stuffed Crust PIzza It’s Gross

Pizza Hut in Australia has introduced its new Vegemite-stuffed-crust pizza, with an advertisement showing pizza lovers cringing while eating it, Time Magazine reported. The video, shown below, shows customers eating the new Pizza Hut product and finding it tasting like “medicine” or “petrol,” or even “fish jam.” The new Pizza Hut product is called the Mitey Stuffed Crust, features cheese and Vegemite in the crust, and is offered in Pizza Hut locations in Australia. Before this new Pizza Hut product, many remember Vegemite being mentioned in a 1980s song by the Australian musicians Men at Work.

“The Mitey Stuffed Crust Pizza works unbelievably well with any of our topping combinations and we couldn’t think of a more quintessentially Aussie pizza to launch in time for Australia Day,” Pizza Hut Australia’s head of marketing, Fatima Syed, told Time about the new Pizza Hut product.

“Pizza Hut takes ads featuring people who hate its products to Australia,” Consumerist reported on the new Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza being sold in Pizza Hut stores in Australia. The Consumerist reports the subjects shown in the Pizza Hut advertisement “found the pizza revolting.”

Adweek also reported on the new Pizza Hut spot, stating it “shows people being totally disgusted by its new pizza.”

Those shown in the advertisement eating the new Pizza Hut pizza made faces, seemingly surprised at the taste. Many of them found the new Pizza Hut Mitey Stuffed Crust Pizza to be anything but enjoyable to eat. Pizza Hut, oddly enough, seems to think this will convince customers in Australia to eat the new Pizza Hut product with Vegemite in the crust when they see others showing their displeasure while eating it. This is certainly a different advertising strategy for Pizza Hut.

The new Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza has brown yeast goo in it, the Inquisitr reported two days ago. The new Vegemite-stuffed-crust pizza from Pizza Hut is called The Mitey Stuffed Crust Pizza.

“In a press release, Pizza Hut and Yum! Brands stated that they would release the new Vegemite-infused pizza in Australia to celebrate Australia Day on January 26. The Vegemite will be sold with any Pizza Hut pizza inside of a cheese filled crust,” the Inquisitr reported.

Whether this new way of pitching this new Pizza Hut product will work for the pizza chain in Australia remains to be seen. If nothing else, the Pizza Hut products and its marketing campaign have made news for Pizza Hut.

[Image from the Pizza Hut advertisement from Adweek Magazine online,]