‘Bringing Up Bates’ Spoilers: Are Erin And Chad Paine Expecting?

Fans have been flocking to Bringing Up Bates on UP TV, and it looks like Thursday’s episode could be a big one. Viewers have embraced Gil and Kelly Jo Bates along with their 19 kids, and it’s been fun for long-time fans to watch the older kids start building their own families. Erin and Chad Paine are definitely fan favorites, and it looks like there could be big news for them to share in this episode. What Bringing Up Bates spoilers are available for the January 22 episode?

Erin and Chad have shared with fans that they went through a miscarriage last year, but they are still hopeful about starting a family together. In the next new episode, titled “Training Up Bates,” Erin will share that she thinks she may be pregnant and the couple will head to the doctor to check.

Entertainment Tonight shares the Bringing Up Bates spoiler preview. Cameras follow Chad and Erin as they head to the OB-GYN to have an ultrasound. The cameras wait outside the door as the test begins, and Erin can be heard sounding both excited and anxious. Naturally, the clip ends there, leaving fans hanging.

Of course, the big question is, are Chad and Erin expecting a baby? The couple hasn’t shared anything about this yet via social media, unlike Erin’s sister Alyssa, who is expecting her first child with her husband John Webster. Most recent photos posted by Erin and Chad show her just from the chest up.

There is one photo the Bringing Up Bates couple shared, where Erin and Chad took a family photo with the entire Paine family that gives a somewhat fuller view of the Bates daughter. Erin is sitting down and has a vest on, and some fans might speculate that there could be a baby bump there. However, that is not definitive at this point.

Erin and Chad Paine from 'Bringing Up Bates' with his family

Many fans would hope that if the show is going to hype this big appointment, it’s because Erin and Chad receive good news. If they are told that the ultrasound does not reveal a pregnancy, it’s certainly going to be crushing both for the Paines and the viewers.

Fans of Erin and Chad flocked to their social media pages, thanking them for sharing their struggles with building their family and lending their support. If indeed the couple does now have good news to share, Bringing Up Bates fans are going to go wild.

What else lies ahead in this next episode? The younger kids will be learning about “Train Up,” the method of discipline the family utilizes. Some of the crew will head out to a flower shop and a consignment store to test what they’ve been taught.

Many 19 Kids and Counting fans have been happy to embrace this show with the Bates while the Duggar show is on hiatus, though that will return to TLC with new episodes soon. Will Erin and Chad Paine have good news to share with the Bates family as well as the viewers in Thursday’s new episode of Bringing Up Bates? Fans hope so, and they can’t wait to find out.

[Image via Erin and Chad Paine’s Instagram]