NFL Bad Lip Reading 2015 Is Here And It Is Funnier Than Ever [Video]

Every year, the good folks at NFL Bad Lip Reading release their four- or five-minute video that takes some of the most opportune moments from the past season and ad-libs all the speech. The 2015 edition of NFL Bad Lip Reading is absolutely hilarious, and quite possibly one of the best that you’ll ever see.

This year, the little over four-minute video features some of the biggest names in the National Football League. It also includes some that you won’t even recognize, per Extra Mustard.

They also make a very good point that it’s not going to be easy watching Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Pete Caroll asking for hugs and calling guys “his little gopher” puts a whole new spin on things.

Watching Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts hold his hand up for a high-five is one thing that looks kind of awkward to begin with.

nfl bad lip reading andrew luck

Who knows what he was really saying when looking for a celebratory hand-slap, but having a voiceover insert the words for him is downright hysterical.

“Holla! We gon’ ball!”

The 2014 NFL season is captured tremendously in this video form Bad Lip Reading, and it’s just amazing how they are able to figure this all out so perfectly. Not only do the comments and phrases not make sense, but the players really seem like they are saying them.

For instance, a sideline reporter heads up to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for a post-game interview.

She simply asks him, “Why are you always angry?” and his response is perfect.

“Once there was this prince…he came from like, Syria, okay? And he lived with some peaceful monkeys outside his aunt’s boyfriend’s cabin and had a old sheepdog named Paco Sinbad.”

Seems legit.

As Super Bowl XLIX approaches, there is a lot of controversy with the Patriots and the whole #deflategate scandal. Fans are trying to get into the big game, but it is kind of hard to do that with all of the issues going on about what may or may not have happened in the AFC Championship game.

NFL Bad Lip Reading 2015 went through a lot of footage and took a lot of time to decipher exactly what the players, coaches, and referees in the league were saying this year. Enjoy some laughs for a while, and try to get your mind off of under-inflated footballs.

[Image via YouTube]