Justin Bieber’s Bulge Really Is That Big, And There’s Video

The ongoing debate about the actual size of Justin Bieber’s crotch has received seemingly compelling, new evidence from two sources — yes, two — that swings the ayes in the oft-shirtless one’s favor.

Yes, after weeks of body shaming and photoshopping allegations being thrown at the still, nevertheless hugely successful, Calvin Klein campaign that the singer fronts alongside the model Lara Stone, begrudging voices are coming to terms with the fact that the Biebs may have a big penis as he claims.

How did this momentous news come to light?

The first source is paparazzi-obtained pics published by Mail Online on January 19. They revealed a shirtless Bieber strolling in the back garden of his Los Angeles home, with pal model Kendall Jenner following behind.

Thanks to Defamer’s blow-up of Bieber’s bulge, it’s the size of the thing that’s immediately apparent.

Justin Bieber

Bieber recently posted a selfie which he captioned “Photoshop lol,” to convince naysayers that his Calvin Klein ads are the real deal. Despite showing the 20-year-old with a defined six-pack and a towel draped around an outline of his privates, the masses weren’t having it.

The masses are going to have to rethink that stance. Because Mail Online’s pics — which were taken without the Biebs’ knowledge — clearly show the Canadian isn’t lacking in the crotch department.

The second source to vouch for the singer’s bulge is Kelly Osbourne. During the January 19 edition of Fashion Police, show regular Osborne recalled a pal confided that the Biebs’ crotch is huge. Yes, it’s second-hand, but she makes her point with certainty.

Kelly’s exact words were, “He apparently has a massive w***y.”

Scroll to 34:48 in the video below for Osbourne’s comments.

Further confirmation arrives via a tweet posted by the assistant to newly installed Fashion Police host Kathy Griffin.

The new evidence of Bieber’s “massive” manhood sits alongside a previous statement by his personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson.

“I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy. I sound weird saying that, but yes,” Nilsson told Access Hollywood.

Readers may recall the so-called “before” GIF posted by website Breathe Heavy, and their claim that the image showed Bieber’s ad shot before Calvin Klein allegedly photoshopped it.

Justin Bieber

Even before the website retracted their false claim under legal threat and removed the GIF — which shouldn’t have fooled anyone with eyesight — it was discredited by a retouching expert who told MTV News that the GIF was likely “not the raw image” from the CK shoot. Meanwhile, over at Jezebel, the GIF was described as “fake as hell.”

Finally, two Instagrams pics posted by Bieber last year, are presented as closing evidence that the singer’s body is as seen in the CK ads, although it’s a given that industry standard airbrushing was used.

The first photo shows the Bieb’s bulging biceps and torso during a weight training session.

The second shows the seemingly nude singer staring at his own happy trail.

It may be difficult, even incomprehensible, for some to accept that Bieber and CK’s Spring 2015 underwear and jeans campaign is — overall — what it purports to be. But that seems to be the case.

In short, Justin Bieber is ripped and packing.

Justin Bieber

[Images via Calvin Klein/FameFlyNet]