Jennifer Lopez Still Believes In A ‘Fairy Tale’ Romance

Jennifer Lopez is opening up about her past relationships. The American Idol host, actress, and performer graced the cover of this week’s issue of People magazine. Inside, Jennifer discussed her rocky relationships with Beau “Casper” Smart and singer Marc Anthony. Jennifer mentioned that she knew she had to take care of herself before she jumped into another relationship.

“I had to make a commitment to myself to be alone: no flirting. No possibility of anything. No boys in any way, shape or form. I said, ‘I’m shutting it down.’ I’d never been alone.”

Lopez admitted to People magazine that she’s the type of person who never stays single for long. Lopez revealed that she’s used to jumping from relationship to relationship. This time around, though, Lopez wants to focus on herself and her 6-year-old twins, Emme and Max. Lopez revealed that she had to go through a journey of self-discovery in her loneliness.

“I always found my comfort in another person. Instead of giving myself time to heal and be on my own, I was so afraid to be that I was always like, ‘Okay somebody else just come in here and help me forget I’m in so much pain.'”

Jennifer admits that she doesn’t like being single. She fears of being alone for the rest of her life. Jennifer knew that she had to face her fear through her self-discovery.

“I was terrified of being alone. Listen, at the end of the day, love is the best thing. But what I’ve discovered is that I can’t get that from somebody else. It’s the love inside me, for myself, that will help me through.”

Lopez, 45, hasn’t sworn off romance completely. She admits that she still believes in having a “fairytale” romance. Lopez comes off as old-fashion towards relationships in the interview.

“I still believe in the fairy tale. The more I work on myself, the more I give myself the opportunity to share a really deep and meaningful relationship that can give me my fairy tale and last forever.”

Jennifer said that she’s “open” to dating around before she jumps into another relationship, but she made a vow to herself to take things slowly. Jennifer also isn’t looking for a new man yet. That means she’s not dating rumored boyfriend and Boy Next Door co-star Ryan Guzman, despite what her fans have thought.

Lopez also told Us Weekly that she currently has “no announcements to make” when it comes to who’s she dating. She believes that being on her own is the best thing for her at the moment. Lopez did admit that she wants to get back into the dating world, but for now, she wants to focus on herself.

Lopez recently broke up from Smart last spring. Before that controversial relationship took place, Lopez finalized her divorce from Anthony in June 2014, just three years after their split.

Jennifer Lopez may want to stay single, but she’s letting the world know she’s sexy and available. According to a report on the Inquisitr, the sexy actress wore a plunging neckline on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon while promoting her latest film, The Boy Next Door.

Jennifer also played an intense game of “Catchphrase” with Jimmy Fallon, which she took very seriously. Lopez and Fallon played three fast-paced rounds of the game, with both of the teams having impressively high scores. Jennifer obviously has both beauty and brains.

[Image by dvsross via Creative Commons]