Shocking Video Shows Brutal London Attack And The High Five That Followed

The Metropolitan Police in London released a shocking CCTV video on Thursday that shows the brutal attack of a man out for a walk with a female friend over the summer. The couple was outside a Domino’s Pizza in Camden when two unidentified men attacked them. The two men repeatedly kicked and punched the male victim.

The video shows the 27-year-old victim on the ground during the attack. His friend tried to stop the vicious and brutal attack, but one of the men pushed her out of the way. After the attack, the two men leave the scene of the crime and head toward a bridge.

Another camera soon picks up the two men responsible for the attack on the couple, and the camera captures a moment that is just as shocking as the attack itself. One of the men laughs and tries to relive the attack for his friend, and the other man comes up and gives him a high five.

This display shocked police, and they are now seeking the public’s help to find the two men on the video.

The attack happened on July 5, and the male victim is still recovering from his injuries six months later. Because of the attack, he had a fractured cheekbone, a fractured eye socket, and broken ribs. The injury to his eye led to placement of a metal plate by doctors.

The Metropolitan Police shared descriptions of both men, according to Mail Online.

“The first man is described as a white man around 25-years-old, 5ft 7ins tall, with mid-length blonde hair and a distinctive jaw line and nose. He was wearing camel coloured trousers and a light coloured top. The second man is described as a white man, around 25-years-old, 6ft 2ins tall with brown spiky hair, brown eyes, skinny build who was wearing a denim three-quarter length shirt, jeans.”

Police are hoping that the video and the descriptions of the men lead to their arrest. This video footage shocked many following its release earlier today. One person called the two men “cowards.” Another person said that “their mothers will recognize them.”

People have also taken to social media to share the footage and help facilitate to capture the two men that celebrated their vicious crime.

According to the Inquisitr, another shocking video released this week featured a Florida day care worker abusing a child. The day care worker was fired and arrested after the video’s release.

What do you think of this Camden attack footage?