Curiosity Rover Image Shows Pistol On Mars? Astronomer Examines Mars’ Photo Depicting Gun

The Curiosity Rover may have captured a photo of a pistol on Mars. An image taken from the rover’s robot features an object that looks exactly like a handgun. It’s hard to deny that the mysterious-looking shape could be some type of firearm.

According to Metro, an amateur astronomer noticed the presumed pistol on Mars. Joe White is a space video journalist and runs the YouTube channel ArtAlienTV. He spotted the item in question and analyzed it. Does this mean aliens have their own weapons similar to those found on Earth?

White asks, “Is this a handgun on Mars?”

The 45-year-old astronomer describes what he interprets as a pistol being on Mars’ surface.

“This object is about five to eight inches long and looks very much like an old flintlock pistol with a trigger, barrel and handle clearly visible.”

Enhanced image of gun believed to be on Mars' surface from Curiosity Rover.

He dissects other aspects of the mysterious object.

“The object next to it may be a magazine but you can’t see if it is attached or not. So it could be a machine pistol.”

Raw image of gun believed to be on Mars' surface.

White analyzes NASA’s images beamed from their mobile robot everyday to find new and unusual shapes.

As Joe White notes in a video posted of the photos seen in this article, he shares how he stumbled across the gun on Mars.

“I was actually looking for signs of water in this area when I stumbled on this gun artifact just feet away from the Curiosity Rover. When I zoomed in, I was amazed [to] see that it even has what looks like a small trigger and guard in front of the robust looking handle and the proportions are bang on. lol.”

A lot of photos from the Mars Curiosity Rover beam pictures back with all types of rock formations. Some resemble animals or various things seen on Earth. Are these just rocks that are optical illusions of something else and manipulate the viewer’s eyes?

The Inquisitr writes about the Mars Curiosity Rover’s images on a daily basis, such as the latest one speculated to depict the Egyptian Ankh Cross. This invites more theories that historical artifacts are present on Mars.

ArtAlienTV has posted a number of YouTube videos which continue analyzing robot images from Curiosity Rover. A wide range of objects appear to be evidence of alien life, animal skulls, traffic lights, and even building structures. Things like this — as well as the possibility of a pistol on Mars — is intriguing because it makes us wonder if what’s familiar to humans is related to extraterrestrial life in the same way.

[Image via Daily Express]