San Jose Police Shut Down Illegal Home-Base Casino, Eight Arrested

San Jose police arrested eight people while shutting down an illegal home-based casino on Wednesday, where 15 gambling machines, drugs, and a substantial amount of cash were seized from the home, according to Mercury News.

Lt. Mike Sullivan of the San Jose Police Department stated that around 4 p.m., police officers responded to call about an assault between a man and woman – their names have not been released to the public – at a brown house located in the 100 block of South Capitol Avenue.

Upon police arrival, countless individuals were seen scattering from the house, which led police to believe that there was suspicious activity taking place in the home, Sullivan informed reporters.

As the San Jose police officers investigated further, they uncovered 15 gambling machines inside the home, including cash and narcotics, according to CBS San Francisco.

The police believed that an illegal gambling operation, otherwise known as an illegal home-based casino, was transpiring in the San Jose home. As a result, 20 people were detained for questioning, but only eight were arrested and charged with narcotics possession and active felony warrants.

The names of the eight people arrested haven’t released.

Although eight people were arrested, no one was arrested and charged for the 15 gambling machines that were found inside the home. Police say they are still investigating the incident.

A nearby neighbor, Diana Herdia, spoke with reporters about the illegal casino shut down incident.

“We saw about two cops and then four and then it just multiplied to up to 12 police cars going on and then it caught our attention that something was going on.”

The neighbor also stated that she watched officers investigate and question about 20 people who were scattering from the home at the time the San Jose police arrived. She also mentioned that she watched the casino shut down from her home.

Police say that when they arrived at the home, there was no sign of an assault taking place, which was the initial reason for the San Jose police visit. There has been no further information about the unidentified man and woman who were allegedly involved in an assault.

Furthermore, a similar incident occurred that involved an illegal gambling operation. According to CBS San Francisco, San Jose Police Department as well as the Drug Enforcement Agency shut down a large illegal gambling service in November 2013.

However, this operation was being run from a coffee shop, law enforcement stated.

[Image via NBC Bay Area]