‘Parenthood’ Spoilers: Amber Goes In To Labor, Joel And Julia Share Big News

Thursday night brings the penultimate episode of Parenthood, and it looks like it will be jam-packed with action. While fans are not ready to say goodbye to the Braverman family, they are ready to embrace these last two episodes to see what is in store for everybody. What Parenthood spoilers are available for the episode titled “We Made It Through the Night”?

Amber finally goes in to labor, and this should be a touching yet entertaining process. It seems that Amber and the baby will ultimately be healthy and well, as there are teases regrading the series finale that Amber is working on adjusting to parenthood. However, it will surely be an interesting journey through the labor and delivery.

As BuzzFeed shares, fans will finally see a true and happy family reunion for Joel, Julia, and the kids. Parenthood spoilers reveal that in the January 22 episode, Joel and Julia will tell Sydney and Victor that they are back together, and he is moving back into the family home.

As viewers can imagine, Sydney is overjoyed. However, Victor is hesitant. He is skeptical, and asks his parents some difficult questions. Given Victor’s background, having experienced significant loss and issues of trust, this is certainly a valid reaction on his part. Those with the show promise, though, that there is truly a happy ending here for Julia, Joel, and the kids.

In fact, showrunner Jason Katims teases that not only is there a happy ending with Joel and Julia together, there is still a big development ahead for them. He teased a Parenthood spoiler via the Hollywood Reporter that there is one more big twist ahead with them. What could it be? Could there be a surprise pregnancy, or some type of job offer that would require a big decision or even a move? Fans can’t wait to find out over the course of these final two episodes.

Also ahead in “We Made It Through the Night,” Sarah starts to share the news of her engagement, and Parenthood spoiler previews show that she and Hank will start talking about their vision for a wedding. It seems that the wedding will come in the finale, though Katims teased that it may not play out on-screen quite as fans are guessing.

Camille and Zeek make a decision regarding his potential surgery in this penultimate episode as well. Fans have been very worried that Zeek might die this season, as Katims has teased a lot about the Braverman family facing mortality. It’s looked like Zeek might be leaning away from the risky surgery, but fans will find out more in this next episode.

How will it all end? Fans are hoping for a happy ending, and it’s been teased that it will be a satisfying one. The groundwork will be laid in the Parenthood episode airing on Thursday, January 22, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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