Brandi Glanville Petition: ‘RHOBH’ Fans Want Her Fired

A Brandi Glanville petition has surfaced online. According to a new report, the petition was created by fans who want the mother of two fired from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On January 22, LALATE reported the following:

“A Brandi Glanville petition to remove the star from RHOBH dominated news in 2014. But that same petition is exponentially growing overnight, nearly a year after it was created.”

Lori Chase, who launched the Brandi Glanville petition, captured around 4,500 signatures as of March 2014, and nearly an additional 4,000 since then.

Last year, Chase claimed Glanville should be booted from the NBC Universal family after making a comment about Joyce Giraud and swimming.

In response to the petition, Glanville released the following statement on Twitter:

“Dear random people or person who has time 2 make up a petition about me a-thanks for keeping me in the news B-don’t we have whales to save?”

While Glanville’s season four behavior wasn’t her best, season five has been even worse — at least according to the majority of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans. Thus far, Glanville has thrown wine on Eileen Davidson, ripped a branch off a tree from Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant and physically fought her co-star, Kyle Richards.

In addition to her on-screen antics, Glanville has also faced backlash over her off-screen behavior.

“Recently Glanville made repeated false comments Joanna Krupa and Kenya Moore’s bodies. Glanville threw wine on Jeff Lewis during an appearance on WWHL. The encounter was dubbed ‘most awkward WWHL ever’ by the network. It left host Andy Cohen sleepless, by his admission, overnight. Glanville later told news that it was a prank she staged for humor.”

As a result of the backlash, Chase’s Brandi Glanville petition has resonated with critics, who are on board with Chase’s request to “remove Brandi Glanville from ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ immediately.”

Recently, as reported by the Inquisitr, Eileen Davidson commented on Glanville’s behavior throughout season five.

“Brandi says she wants to help Kim, but it seems that she really wants to make the situation worse. I don’t get this chick. Why is she trying to drive a wedge between Kim and Kyle? Especially from their car ride over together where Kyle spoke in such a loving and concerned way about her sister, and Brandi seemed to appreciate that. Then she gets to our home and turns on Kyle.”

“Obviously, Brandi loves to stir the pot. I guess she gets a kick out of being provocative and saying mean and nasty things. As far as her comments about our home? I thought it was comical that she mentioned Norman Bates, considering she’s the one that’s acting psycho.”

Davidson made these statements in her Bravo blog.

The Brandi Glanville petition currently has over 8,000 signatures.

[Photo via Twitter]