Manny Pacquiao Retiring? Boxer Finally Reveals The Truth About Retirement — From Singing

Has boxer Manny Pacquiao decided to retire?

The boxing champion and top contender for Floyd Mayweather Jr. confirmed in a recent interview with TMZ Hollywood Sports that his career is ending.

However, Manny Pacquiao is not stepping away from the career that many of his fans might think about when they hear his name.

According to his “big announcement, Pacquiao is retiring from his singing career.

“I stopped singing. I like singing. I love music, but I don’t think music loves me.”

In addition to being a successful boxer and politician, Manny has also found success in his singing career. At least one of his two albums went platinum in the Philippines.

While promoting his new documentary, Manny, the 36-year-old boxer confirmed to TMZ that there will not be a follow-up to his most recent album since he is stepping away from the music business for good.

Pacquiao admits that he is very proud of his accomplishments in the music industry, especially knowing that he was able to become a platinum-selling artist. However, Manny also believes that his past accomplishments are “good enough,” so he is clearly ready to move on with his life and away from the recording studio.

[Image Credit: Digital Journal]