Scheana Marie Fights Back Against Body Critics, ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Star Weighs In

Scheana Marie Shay was recently targeted by critics, who felt the Vanderpump Rules star needed to do workout more.

On Twitter, the reality star fought back.

“I love when ppl comment on my photos to ‘tighten my butt & get in shape’ when they have a private profile and a photo of a coffee mug.”

Right away, Chase Chrisley, of USA’s hit reality series Chrisley Knows Best, gave his thoughts on Shay’s backside.

“Your butt is lovely.”

Several fans of Vanderpump Rules weighed in as well, telling Shay her critics were just jealous of her beauty. In response, Shay said she typically doesn’t let her critics get to her.

“I literally LOL at most of the comments. It’s sad that’s what ppl need to do to feel better about themselves. Hiding behind a [computer]!”

In the end, Shay told fans she’s confident in her look, and her husband is just as satisfied.

“I’m happy & so is @MikeShayMusic.”

In other Scheana Marie news, the newlywed recently walked down the aisle with longtime boyfriend Mike Shay. As expected, the affair didn’t go off with a bit of drama. In fact, there was quite a major moment when one cast member, as the Inquisitr reported, was punched in the face.

Prior to the wedding, Scheana Marie had a falling out with her co-star, Stassi Schroeder, and according to a new interview with Hollywood Life, not much has changed between them.

“I don’t understand how [Stassi] has nothing better to talk about with her days and her scenes she films and her lame a** chevron paintings she does and her little necklaces she’s making. I’m like, ‘Why don’t you talk about that? You just have to keep talking about me?'”

“And then [Stassi’s] little minion Kristina Kelly is like, ‘Yes, Stassi. Whatever you want. I will agree with you.’ I can’t even work with [Kristina] anymore. Like whenever we’re on the schedule together, I will give away my shift. I will give someone the money I would make so I don’t have to be in the same room as her…[They’re] just a bunch of mean girls and it’s so rude. To see that [footage] back, I mean, who talks so negative about a person’s wedding, and bachelorette party, and invitations? It’s like, who cares what the invitations looked like? Why am I going to waste $7 per invitation when I have 300 people I’m inviting? I don’t want to be friends with someone like that.”

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[Photo via Twitter]