TNA News: TNA President Dixie Carter Wants To Sign WWE Legend The Rock To A TNA Contract

No, this wasn’t a typo. No, you certainly read this title correctly. TNA President Dixie Carter wants to sign WWE Legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to a TNA deal. Carter recently sat down with to discuss a variety of things. She spoke about the loss of AJ Styles, what a WWE fan needs to know if they are thinking about watching TNA, and more.

However, the biggest comment came from Carter on The Rock. She was asked if she could sign anyone to a TNA contract, who would she pick. Carter said this regarding Rock.

“I’d sign The Rock. I think he’s a tremendous talent, he’s a great actor, he can open a lot of doors for you. I’ve never met him but I’m a big fan, and I just think he’s a super, super talented guy.”

While she is correct regarding The Rock as a talented performer, as most every wrestling fan would agree. The problem is that she probably could never get The Rock sadly. TNA is not so much below him, as most would claim. It’s that he is a WWE guy. Any match he wrestles, it would be with WWE. Any wrestling related appearance, it would be WWE.

While The Rock may be civil in talks with Dixie if they were to meet, most would imagine that he’d ever accept a TNA contract. Mainly because he doesn’t need the money, so TNA couldn’t offer him their best bargaining tool. He’d have to want to go, and he’s happy with WWE when he wants to wrestle part-time. That being said, one would imagine that Rock would NEVER sign a TNA deal.

That doesn’t mean he has no respect for TNA. It just would come down to priorities. Rock’s main focus is his movie career. He is one of the top stars in Hollywood. At one point, he had four No. 1 movies in a year. He is potentially the top star in all of Hollywood and the hottest name in entertainment. He is a proven draw with movies he takes part, which shows how talented he is as a performer.

Naturally, anyone would want to bring The Rock in. However, since he was made from WWE and he is a third generation WWE peformer, he would never go anywhere else out of pure respect. So the TNA President may want Rock, but who wouldn’t right now?

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