‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: Relationship News And What Happens After Sam’s Murder

The wait is almost over. It’s been a long break, but How to Get Away with Murder is back next week, and hopefully with it comes answers to all those questions you’ve been wondering about for months. What’s next when it comes to Sam’s “disappearance”? Will his body be found? What’s next for some of the relationships?

First up, let’s take a look at what’s coming for a couple of How to Get Away with Murder relationships. According to E! Online, Matt McGorry has teased that there’s more to come between Bonnie and Asher.

“We get to see more of the resolution of Bonnie and Asher’s relationship. It gets more complicated, but more fun, too. We get to see two people who are probably not great at relationships trying to work things out, which is painful to watch in some ways.”

However, Asher wasn’t the only one whom Bonnie was with that night. She was also with a random guy at a bar, but was that hookup more than random? Based on what executive producer Pete Nowalk has told Entertainment Weekly, no.

“He only serves a significance in showing how sad Bonnie was that night, and desperate for some sort of connection. She tried to get I from him. In a way, a lot of people can relate to when you just need to feel something. You need to feel alive in some way. You can sometimes do very sad, gross things that you wouldn’t normally do in the bright light of day.”

So forget any crazy theories you might have had regarding that guy. However, it seems likely that Bonnie’s emotional state that night is going to come up again. Perhaps in that way, so could that guy, at least in the sense of how Bonnie was feeling that night, especially since she has things to work out with Asher.

As for other How to Get Away with Murder relationships, Connor is going to have to deal with that lie he told Oliver (that he was a drug addict) to explain his state that night, as Nowalk told EW that Connor is going to be different after Sam’s murder.

“Seeing what happened that night and how scared Connor is now, the things he cared about before in his life, he might not care so much about, i.e. sleeping with every guy that he meets. We’ll see how Connor is different post-murder night and specifically how he’s different in relation to Oliver.”

As for what’s next for the Keating Five and Annalise following Sam’s murder, the Inquisitr previously reported that fans will be getting the answers they want about that night. TVLine has shared How to Get Away with Murder photos from the January 29 return, “Hello Raskolnikov,” and the Keating Five and Annalise can only watch as the police take away boxes of files. According to the episode’s description, no time will have passed since the winter finale.

“It’s the day after Sam’s murder and the students are called in to help Annalise find her missing husband, but just how much does Annalise know? And when a surprise visitor shows up in town, getting away with this murder might not be as easy as the students had hoped.”

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]