Kim Richards’ Dog Attack Was Not The Fault Of ‘RHOBH’ Producers

Kim Richards’ dog attack has led to a lawsuit, and producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills claim they should not be a part of it.

According to a new report, producers of the show have filed court documents, requesting the case be tossed out, and claiming it was not their fault that Kim Richards’ dog reportedly attacked her 80-year-old friend, Kay Rozario.

The court documents, displayed online by Radar Online on January 22, were filed on January 19 in a California court.

The site reported the following:

“The producers (under the umbrella name Evolution Film & Tape, Inc.) claimed they had no involvement in the incident in which Richards’ friend Kay Rozario, 80, was attacked by the dog March 20, 2014.”

As fans of the show will likely recall, Kim Richards’ dog was also accused of attacking her niece, Alexia Umansky, daughter of Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky. As a result of the attack, which occurred in November 2014, Umansky was hospitalized in Los Angeles.

On November 6, TMZ gave details of the attack.

“Kyle Richards’ daughter was the victim of a vicious pit bull attack… a dog owned by Kyle’s own sister Kim, and the damage was so severe it required multiple surgeries. We’re told 18-year-old Alexia Umansky spent the weekend at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, twice going under the knife.”

According to TMZ, the attack happened at Richards’ home, and came “out of nowhere.”

“The dog bit Alexia numerous times, but the worst was on her right hand… where it bit through her thumb right to the bone.”

In her lawsuit against the show, Rozario claimed producers had hid the incident for Richards, and said they “knew that Richards’ dog was ‘vicious’ and had a duty to warn her … of the dog’s” temper.

In their response to the suit, producers said Rozario didn’t imply the attack took place during filming, and that “they’ve never had any sort of business arrangement with her (in which it would be a logical conclusion to think they should have told her something).”

“The producers shot back saying they bore no responsibility over Richards’ handling of her dog, and that it’s a stretch in Rozario’s suit to imply that they should have. The producers, attempting to point out Rozario’s twisted logic in naming them, said that by her rationale, any TV producer ‘would owe a duty to every viewer of the show to disclose all known facts about anything depicted on the show, and would be subject to suit by any such viewer.'”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim Richards’ dog has been removed from her home.

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