Captain America Vs. Star-Lord In Super Bowl Bet For Children's Hospitals

The Super Bowl is the apogee of the United State's consumer-driven economy, with the amount of money that changes hands in commercials, production, and betting. However, Star-Lord and Captain America have entered into a bet for the Super Bowl, which will only cost them their pride but bring a bit of joy to some very sick children who could use it.

Evans (Captain America) and Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) are fans of the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, respectively. What started as a light jest on Twitter evolved into a a full-on Captain America Vs. Star-Lord Super Bowl Bet. The dialogue was started by Evans.

Of course, any good fan of an NFL team going into the Super Bowl knows that there is pride and dignity on the line. So Pratt retaliated by issuing the following tweet.

Chris Evans, whose hometown in Boston, Massachusetts could not sit idly by and upped the ante for Chris Pratt, and challenged him to a wager allowing Star-Lord to set the terms for the Super Bowl bet

Star-Lord considered the possibility to sentence his rival to humiliation in the public square, but opted instead for stakes that would only cost the other their pride (and the cost of a plane ticket and digging their outfits out of the closet).

Captain America accepted and named his terms.

The two hospitals mentioned by Evans and Pratt in their Super Bowl bet are Seattle Children's Hospital, a 100-year-old institution which houses clinical care and a leading pediatric research center, and Christopher's Haven, a cancer center that offers seven temporary apartments and a community recreation area for families of children being treated in nearby Boston hospitals.

Seeing Captain America or Star-Lord appear for any child is something that medicine and money can not provide, and in many ways, is worth more to the child who needs something else on their mind. For Chris Pratt and Chris Evans to put an altruistic end to a bet on something like the Super Bowl is something we wish more celebrities will copy in the future.

[Image Source | Marvel]