Roger Bobb And Demetria McKinney Breaking Up Due To ‘RHOA’ Drama?

Roger Bobb may be a famous face in Atlanta, as he works with some of the ladies in the music and television industry, but he isn’t really a popular face on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Roger has only filmed a few scenes for the show, so for the most part, he simply remains a name that is linked to Demetria McKinney. But he has become a huge part of her storyline, as his personal business was made public during Kandi Burruss’ sex party.

Demetria decided to announce that she had been dating Roger Bobb on-and-off for about eight years, and he did call her “his lady.” But another lady stepped forward, saying that she had also dated him during that time. Quickly, Bobb’s name was being associated with cheating and it was too much for McKinney to handle.

According to a new Bravo report, Roger Bobb remains out of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta spotlight and he has been focusing on his relationship with Demetria. In fact, it appears that this drama on the show has made them stronger. These two are not breaking up anytime soon.

“Roger and I, first off, are doing absolutely phenomenal. We are stronger than ever,” she has revealed about her relationship. “These type of scenarios tend to break up relationships if they weren’t based on the right thing and if you don’t really trust each other. He has been my best friend for years. Whether we were together or not, we have always been in each other’s corners.”

Since Bobb isn’t on the show, he isn’t really dishing his thoughts about the relationship. But he is now with McKinney and no one else. According to the Inquisitr, she has written a song about Roger Bobb, revealing that she wants him to put a ring on it.

“We click because we let each other be who we are,” she says, revealing, “Roger really isn’t a cusser, he doesn’t drink, he’s very much a workhorse and he’s pretty much an A-type personality to the nth power. Me? I like to drink, to cuss, I’m good at both. I’ll go to a strip club. I like to twerk. But I’m also very responsible with my responsibilities and aware of what my consequences are.”

Roger Bobb may not be rushing to get married, but he is ready to say that he is only with one lady. It is believed that Kandi’s friend only said those things to cause some troubles for the new housewife. She has later been labeled a womanizer by various media outlets, as she wanted people to know that she had been with Bobb.

Do you think Roger Bobb will propose to Demetria?

[Image via Bravo]