Will Ferrell Pegs NBA Cheerleader In Face With Basketball After Crashing Floor Of Pelicans-Lakers Game

Will Ferrell hit the floor between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night, and his actions ended up getting him carried out. As he ran onto the floor, Ferrell pegged an NBA cheerleader in the face with a basketball, knocking her to the floor, but it was all for a good reason.

Fans at the game were lucky enough to see the scene and it was also fortunate that the cheerleader was alright. What actually happened is that at halftime of the game, a scene needed to be filmed for Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell’s new film Daddy’s Home.

Ferrell headed out on the floor at halftime and was going to attempt a half-court shot at the game between the Pelicans and Lakers, per Bleacher Report.will ferrell nba pelicans lakers

Those in the Smoothie King Center watched as he ran around the court and they got some good laughs out of it. That was, until he ran right up to one of the Pelicans’ cheerleaders and totally pegged her in the face with a basketball.

The cheerleader hit the ground hard as her teammates rushed over to check on her. Ferrell just went about his merry way, picked up the basketball, and launched it from half-court in an attempt to hit the big shot. Of course, this was while security was huddling all around him.

At that point, he was not just escorted out of the arena, but picked up and carried out by security. Luckily, all was just for the filming of Daddy’s Own, and the cheerleader was not injured in any way.

NBA.com posted some pictures from the night and it even showed Mark Wahlberg sitting courtside for the game to watch his friend and co-star drill the cheerleader in the face.

Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg NBA

In Daddy’s Home, Ferrell stars as a normal radio executive who wants to become the best stepdad he possibly can. In the movie, the kid’s “freewheeling and freeloading” biological dad is back on the scene and played by Wahlberg.

Will Ferrell hitting an NBA cheerleader in the face with a basketball is just one of the numerous scenes that will be filmed in New Orleans. The crowd at the Pelicans and Lakers game were aware of it all, and truly loved every violent second of it.

[Images via Twitter/Getty Images – Layne Murdoch]