Brandi Glanville Slammed By Kyle Richards: ‘This Was Brandi’s Master Plan’

Brandi Glanville is not being cut any slack by Kyle Richards for her behavior on Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle slammed Glanville in her blog on Wednesday, and accuses her co-star of having a master plan to drive a wedge between the Richards’ sisters.

Kyle took to her Bravo blog yesterday morning to explain her side of the story in regards to the scuffle that happened between herself and Brandi at the now infamous poker party. In her post, Richards maintains that after watching the scene unfold on Tuesday night’s episode of RHOBH, she realized Brandi is not her friend and is incapable of being anyone’s friend, especially Kim’s. That night, Kyle says, was the end for her friendship with Brandi Glanville.

“One thing that was very clear to me in watching this is that Brandi is not my friend. Never has been. I have tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but always kept her at arms’ length. To see her pretending to be friends with me in the car ride to Eileen’s and then turning on me made things abundantly clear to me. Brandi can’t be a friend to anyone. Including my sister. Brandi clearly has been driving a wedge between my sister and me, which seems to have been her master plan from the beginning.”

Although Brandi claims Kyle is using Kim’s addiction for a storyline and to embarrass Kim, Kyle insists Glanville is the one who is taking advantage of Kim and is doing so in attempt to divert attention away from her own issues.

“It is very clear to me that Brandi takes advantage of Kim when she is at her most vulnerable and wants her to believe that she is the only one that cares or understands her. Brandi also is using my sister to look like she is taking care of Kim and distracting us from Brandi’s own obvious issues.”

As far as the physical altercation that occurred between Richards and Glanville the night of the poker game, Kyle maintains Brandi was the instigator.

“I was extremely frustrated that this person, who is not family or anyone I consider close, is keeping me from my sister. She put her arm up to block me, and I first said, ‘Please don’t do that.’ I then pushed her arm down to stop her from blocking me from Kim. As Kim was leaving and Brandi was walking out with her and blocking me, I pulled her arm back to stop her from keeping Kim and me apart.”

Brandi Glanville’s behavior this season seems incredibly outrageous, even for someone who is known to say and do things before thinking about the consequences. Although Brandi is bringing the drama, she may be taking things a bit too far in trying to maintain a storyline, as it seems the rest of the Housewives, sans Kim, are growing tired of Brandi’s inappropriate behavior.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

[Image courtesy of Michael Larsen/Bravo]