Imagine Dragons Connect With Fans And Sick Children

Unlike many rock bands, Imagine Dragons seem to appreciate their fans, and actually wish to connect with them. Maybe the involvement of their enthusiasts is a ploy to increase album sales, but the fun and creativity displayed in Imagine Dragons fan-connecting events suggest otherwise.

In December of 2014, Imagine Dragons posted a mysterious message on their Facebook page, coupled with a picture of the new Dragons album cover, Smoke and Mirrors. The riddle was simply one sentence.

“Where does the spider hide its treasure? 02172015. It’s more than just a date.”

According to the Deseret News, Imagine Dragons left very detailed instructions to follow.

“First rule of following directions, be precise; second rule of following directions, make sure your navigation tools are up to par; and the third and final rule of following directions is the early bird catches the worm (there is only one worm, and it’s alive and well). Happy hunting.”

Imagine Dragons fan Lindsea Taylor, 13, at first could not imagine what the cryptic statement meant. Intrigued, she decided to investigate. The numbers on the album cover looked like coordinates, which indeed they were, and led to a location in Las Vegas. Lucky for Lindsea, she has family in that area who were willing to drive to the coordinates and dig up the buried treasure left by Imagine Dragons. Lindsea was thrilled to unearth this wonderful treasure that would leave any Imagine Dragons fan over the moon with excitement.

“There was a guitar signed by all the band members and a case for it. There were 10 Polaroids with pictures of the band members, and they each signed it, and then there were drum sticks signed, and there was a master pass that allows me to get into all of the (‘Smoke and Mirrors’) concerts that I want. Two tickets free!”

This month, Imagine Dragons fans will have more chances to win exciting prizes, and one super lucky follower may gain access to the band during a video shoot in Las Vegas. Fox 5 reports that audience casting service 1iota is taking applications for the video shoot set to commence on February 6 and February 8 in Las Vegas. Along with “unprecedented access” to Imagine Dragons, the chosen fans will also be receiving special prizes.

Currently, Imagine Dragons is running a photo contest on their Facebook page. Simply post your Smoke and Mirrors-inspired photos to Twitter with the tag #SmokeAndMirrors. The prize for this fun competition is a trip. Find out more right here.

Fans are not the only people Imagine Dragons are reaching out to help. They have joined with Hard Rock in an event to battle cancer. If you want to help Imagine Dragons fight cancer, simply visit the Hard Rock website and purchase Hard Rock’s Imagine Dragons Signature Series Edition 33 T-shirt and pin. A portion of these proceeds will be donated to the Tyler Robinson Foundation. Imagine Dragons established this foundation in 2013 to help families handle the costs associated with pediatric cancer.

Imagine Dragons must be applauded for their involvement in the community. The band is obviously not at all self centered. They bring light to the world in so many ways, from their amazing music to their interest in aiding sick children. Well done, Imagine Dragons. Well done.

[Image via Renowned for Sound]