Is Narenda Modi A Symbol Of 'Indianness'? Controversy Rages Over Dwivedi's Comments

The Congress Party of India had harsh words for their nation's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. In New Delhi, Congress shared their anger over their party's leader, Janardan Dwivedi's comments over the "Indianness" of Modi, leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

So what exactly did Dwivedi say?

According to Economic Times, Dwivedi said, "They (Modi and BJP) have been successful in convincing people that from a social point of view, they are closer to Indian citizens."

Dwivedi then added, "In a nutshell, it is a triumph of Indianness."

Congress' chief spokesperson, Ajay Maken, responded to Dwivedi's comments on Modi in no uncertain terms.

According to Zee News, Maken said, "The recent statement given by Janardan Dwivedi ji is being considered as 'Modi ji's win is a victory of Indianness. What he (Janardan Dwivedi) has said is definitely not the viewpoint of Congress."

Maken added, "In no way is Narendra Modi a symbol of Indianess as we understand it."

Dwivedi's comments about Modi were taken so severely that they are discussing "disciplinary action."

Dwivedi then tried to save face by saying that he had been "misquoted" and that he did not mean those things about Modi.

Dwivedi also said, "I had said that Modi Ji and the BJP had managed to convey to the people that they were closer to them and that they represent Indianness and we (Congress) failed to do so that's why it's our failure...I never said that Modi is the symbol of Indianness...Who has said Modi is a symbol of Indianess? These are not my words. I know very well what Indianness is."

Views about Modi are polar opposites. Many people are openly praising Modi. India's Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, has praised Modi's attempts to rid the government of corruption.

Jaitley's comments, seen on the Economic Times, came after a "query from a foreign investor who said that a European CEO told him that his company decided to abandon investment plans in India due to corruption."

Jaitley said about Modi that, "There was a lot of mess to clean up...In the last eight months, only one word that has not been even whispered in India is 'corruption'."

Modi, who has been in office eight months, has made no comment on any of this. Modi has been busy planning for President Obama's visit to India next week.

Narendra Modi is planning on appearing on the morning show with President Obama to reach out to India's masses.

[Photo Courtesy of Narendra Modi]