[Rumor] Apple Plans on Launching iPad 3 and iPad 4 in 2012

iPad enthusiasts, you may have a very good year to look forward to. Citing unnamed sources from within Apple’s component supply chain, DigiTimes is reporting that Apple is preparing the iPad 3 for a March launch and the iPad 4 for a launch in October.

The iPad 3 will launch in March and its most significant upgrades will be a QXGA 1,536 x 2,048-pixel HD display and significantly longer battery life. There are very little details of what will be available with the iPad 4 except that Digitimes said it will have 9.7-inch display along with “much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications.”.

The release of the iPad 3 will also be coupled with a continued run of the iPad 2 which will be downgraded to $399.

Other sources than Digitimes, have said that the rumors of iPad 4 are previews of the 2013 model.

The iPad has dominated the tablet market since its launch, capturing a full 65% of the market for 2011 (estimated). This year iPad’s market share will probably fall a bit more due to the huge amount of Android tablets hitting the market but will still be more than 50% of the total.

Will you be purchasing an iPad3 or iPad 4?