Madonna ‘Rebel Heart’ Music Hacker Arrested In Israel [Video]

Police in Israel have arrested a hacker who allegedly stole unfinished versions of Madonna’s latest songs and leaked them online. The man is a Tel Aviv resident who is believed to have stolen songs, photos, and other personal material from several artists, selling the illicit booty on the internet.

Madonna posted a message on her Facebook page Wednesday, saying she is “profoundly grateful” for the efforts of the FBI and the Israel Police in catching up with the hacker and arresting him. She also made mention of her fans, who had provided “pertinent information” regarding leaks of her music.

According to an Israeli police spokeswoman, Luba Samri, the undercover investigation ran in collaboration with the FBI and led them to the suspect, who is a Tel Aviv resident, born in 1976. Samri added that police have confiscated materials and computer equipment from the suspect’s home and are continuing their investigations.

Update: According to YNet, the hacker has now been named as Adi Lederman, who is apparently currently starring in Israel’s version of “A Star is Born” (Kokhav Nolad).

Madonna’s attorney in Israel, Tamir Afori, told Haaretz that the material stolen from Madonna included “songs that haven’t yet been released, sketches of songs, photos and other personal material,” including tracks from her upcoming album Rebel Heart. Afori added that this theft had cost Madonna millions of dollars in both personal and professional damages.

According to CNN, the 38-year-old suspect is now set to be arraigned on charges of intellectual property theft and aggravated fraud. The FBI are reportedly continuing their investigations, as the case highlights the international scope of online criminal activity as well as the need for close cooperation between nations in identifying and bringing to justice those posing a threat in cyberspace.

This isn’t the first time Madonna has been affected by such a crime. Back in 2003, her website was defaced, and all the songs from her American Life album were leaked online. Madonna made a statement Wednesday, saying her right to privacy has been violated. She described it as a “deeply devastating and hurtful experience.”

In other news about the Queen of Pop, the Inquisitr reported recently that the tracklist from Madonna’s new album, Rebel Heart, has been revealed. Some fans were disappointed, as several tracks which had been leaked were no longer included on the album. Other fans said that they shouldn’t judge Madonna for not including songs they were not supposed to have heard in the first place.

[Image: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Siebbi]