Hope Solo’s Very Bad Year

Just when we thought legendary U.S. Women’s Soccer player Hope Solo’s troubles were behind her, the WNT announced a 30-day suspension would be imposed upon her for what has been described as a “poor decision” exhibited by the goalkeeper in relation to her belligerent behavior with police officers during the DUI arrest of her husband, Jerramy Stevens, early Monday morning.

Solo appeared to have dodged a bullet just last week, when domestic abuse charges stemming from an incident in June 2014 were dropped due to a lack of evidence. With the suspension of several NFL athletes for similar charges, many cried out for the suspension of Ms. Solo at that time as well.

In September of 2014, Hope fell victim to the celebrity nude hacks with multiple photos leaked on the internet. Hope, of course, is no stranger to controversy, though the past few months have been more wrought with such.

In the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup, after several games of flawless performance, Solo was benched by then USWNT coach Greg Ryan in favor the more experienced Brianna Scurry. The U.S. team ended up losing the game to Brazil and a chance for first place by a large margin of 4-0.

Solo minced no words with the media at the time, stating she “would have made those saves.” Her harsh words left her an outcast for the remainder of the 2007 Cup, leaving her teammates to question whether she had the “team” mentality or was as egocentric as her name — Solo.

The release of her book in 2012, SOLO: A Memoir of Hope, rehashed this very public “me” moment, along with the contentious accusation of physical and verbal abuse by her Dancing with the Stars partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

At the end of 2012, Solo’s husband, Jerramy Stevens, was arrested (and later released) in a domestic violence incident also involving her.

With last week’s news of her own recent legal issues seeming to dissipate, it seemed she may be bouncing back as her team prepares for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. However, yesterday’s suspension certainly brings up the question: “Is Hope Solo’s talent enough anymore?”

No one questions her phenomenal play as a goalkeeper. In the 2011 World Cup, she was the recipient of the coveted “Golden Glove,” an award bestowed upon the most talented goalkeeper of the tournament, and she is a two time Olympic Gold medalist.

But one was to wonder at what point her off the field antics will affect her on the field talents.

What are your thoughts on Hope Solo continuing to play for the USWNT?

[Image courtesy of businessinsider.com]