Elders Play ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ [Video]

If you think games are just for kids, you should see these totally awesome grandparents playing one of the most critically acclaimed games of the decade — Grand Theft Auto V!

YouTube channel REACT asked grandparents to play GTA V for 30 minutes. Without knowing much about the game’s premise and with only rudimentary knowledge of the game’s controls, these elderly folks play the game and react to the wild scenarios included in its gameplay, all the while being filmed. Enjoy!

This isn’t the first time the guys are filmed playing video games. In an older video, the FineBros channel has featured the same folks playing with one of the most promising gaming devices of the decade: the Oculus Rift.

While watching elderly people play popular video games seems weird to some, there is actually enough evidence to say that video games can actually help old people cope with aging. A report by the Guardian revealed that engaging in video games actually helped reverse cognitive decay among older people. Adam Gazzaley of the University of California, San Fransisco says playing video games can challenge the brain and improve its plasticity.

He said, “Through challenging your brain, you can drive plasticity and improve its function.”

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[Image from YouTube]