Miley Cyrus Viva Glam Ad Is Hot And Pink [Video]

Miley Cyrus is doing exactly what Miley does best in the new Viva Glam commercial for MAC Cosmetics. The 2015 range of Viva Glam went on sale this week, and the twerking star went all out to promote it.

According to Idolator, the ad is not all about Miley’s tongue, however, even though naturally that does feature strongly, as it is all for a good cause. Sales of Cyrus’ campaign products will benefit the MAC AIDS Fund. Following in the footsteps of Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Cyndi Laupe, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Boy George, she went all out in this overly pink video, first launched on Instagram.

In the video, we see her pout and gyrate to her song “Love Money Party,” and just to keep things right, she playfully licks a huge flashing disco ball, which tends to nicely show off her magenta lipstick with its matching pink lipglass.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, some comparisons can definitely be drawn with the 2011 Madonna “Open Your Heart” video included at the end of this article, but at least Miley doesn’t go running off into the sunset with a young boy.

Last year, Rihanna appeared topless in the version of the MAC Cosmetics ad. While Miley is a little tamer in hers, it does make sense that the company wanted the controversial singer to perform this year, doing what she does best.

As for the print ad, Miley Cyrus appears in the same sexy bodysuit with her bare legs and sexy black shoes in the air, reflected over and over again in the mirrored wall behind her. While overly pink and pouty, Cyrus is doing the right thing for a change. As she says on Twitter, buy a Viva Glam lipstick or lipglass and save a life. There are other photos available of the actual shoot on there too.

In other recent Miley Cyrus news, the Inquisitr reports that she does, apparently, have regrets, but not the ones we would normally imagine. While reveling in her shock tactics of recent months, she specifically regrets the clothing she wore when playing her part as a Disney star on Hannah Montana.

[Image: Screengrab from video]