Proof Of Alien UFO Cover-up? NASA Accused Of Deleting Earth Orbiting UFO From Apollo Mission Space Photo

NASA has been under fire lately from UFO researchers, who are accusing the agency of attempting to prevent people from seeing evidence of UFOs in its live video streams and space imagery.

The latest case of what UFO researchers claim is NASA tampering with evidence of UFO presence in its space imageries comes from UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring, who stumbled upon evidence that NASA took down one of the Apollo-Saturn mission photos on its Apollo Image Atlas. The image was previously known to UFO researchers as showing an unidentified but sophisticated looking craft in orbit around Earth. The agency then allegedly allowed the image to be posted elsewhere with the UFO conspicuously missing.

While conducting an online search and examination of NASA photos, Waring clicked on a link to the particular photo and found it gave an Error 404 message: “File or Directory not found: The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

Strangely, the same photo, sourced from NASA, appears on the website of the Universities Space Research Association’s Lunar and Planetary Institute with the UFO missing.

The NASA Image With The UFO Missing

Waring links to a YouTube posted online by UFO researcher Jason Hunter on April 3, 2013, which shows the original unedited photo with the orbiting UFO.

“I clicked on the link and it gave me error message. NASA not only deleted the photo above, but also went to their old photo indexes and deleted it from there. The photo below was found at a different site and shows that the UFO is gone.”

Close-Up Of The UFO As It Appeared In The Original Image

Waring alleges that after NASA removed the UFO from the original image, it went on to alter the edited image through “added contrast making everything hard to make out.” He accuses NASA of deliberating attempting to hide the UFO from the public.

“Deliberate efforts have been put in by NASA to hide this UFO from the public. I just wanted to let the public know, NASA does delete UFOs and here is the proof. Look at the video below to see the original photos, colors and UFO that was there.”

But this is not first time that UFO researchers have accused NASA of deliberately deleting and editing UFO photos previously uploaded to the agency’s websites. Early in 2013, researchers claimed they caught the agency deleting from its website photos with unmistakable evidence of UFO presence.

The first was a set of photos that reportedly first appeared on the agency’s Johnson Space Center website in May 2011. The photos appear to show an unidentified advanced spacecraft. Images of the high-tech looking UFO posted to UFO Sightings Daily appear below.

NASA Allegedly Deleted These Images From One Of Its Websites

Waring issued an alert at the time, saying the photos were posted to the Johnson Space Center website by someone in NASA who wished to let the public know about them, but they were removed allegedly when someone high up in the agency noticed them.

“The quality of the photos is almost HD and the details we see of the UFO recorded by a NASA satellite orbiting are incredible. The most important question here is not what they are… space stations or ships, but is the species that built them still on board those ships? It looks to me that these photos were taken by someone that works for NASA and had access to the famous ‘airbrush room.'”

In November of last year, online researchers also claimed they found evidence that NASA was tampering with images from the Mars Curiosity Rover. They claimed one of the photos was digitally altered to hide glaring cases of Mars anomalies. The YouTube video below, posted online on November 15, 2014 by the researcher WhatsUpInTheSky37, accuses NASA of “blatant and in your face” editing of “raw images” from Curiosity rover to hide Mars anomalies.

“This is a prime example of how they have been using the blur tool and fake sand to remove artifacts and objects that someone does not want you to see. Whoever worked on this one over at JPL needs to be fired. They did a horrible job with the blending of the fake sand.”

But skeptics have asked why NASA should want to hide evidence of UFOs if, in truth, the agency is aware of their existence. While researchers who accuse NASA of hiding evidence of UFOs are often labeled “conspiracy theorists,” the silence of the agency about cases that appear blatant only helps to fuel the “conspiracy theories.”

[Images: via UFO Sightings Daily]

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